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Design Fall Guys Skin for Aim Lab and Win $2500!


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You can now design the Fall Guys skin for Aim Lab and win $2500! This comes after Aim Lab won the Battle of The Brands aka the Fall Guys Bidding War with a $1 Million bid after teaming up with Ninja, MrBeast & G2Esports. Now, each of them will get their own skin in the game forever. Aim Lab have taken to the masses for their submission and are asking the people to submit some skin designs. The winner will have his skin in the game forever and will also win $2500! Pretty cool if you ask us. A lot of skins have already been submitted and some of them look really cool. The contest runs from now until September 4th!

If you’re somehow not familiar with Fall Guys, it is a 60 player Battle Royale game that takes after Takeshi’s Castle. Fall Guys took the world by storm with millions upon millions of players and has become the most downloaded PSPlus game of all time. Developer Mediatonic has recently started a charity-competition in order to get some new skins into the game and the game itself is gearing up for Season 2, which will bring a lot of changes.

Fall Guys was the free PSPlus game for the month of August, but now the game is no longer free to play and will cost you $15. Also, you do need a PSPlus subscription to be able to play Fall Guys online.

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