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Gerade erst draußen schon gibt's den ersten Glitch in Season 3!

Warzone Stadion Glitch bringt dich unter die Map

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Warzone Verdanks '84 Stadium under Map Glitch
Either you know how to get under the map in the stadium or you die. (Source: Activision)

Warzone Season 3 has been a big disappointment for most so far and Verdansk '84 even more. That disappointment is now compounded with the new Stadium Glitch that puts you under the map ! We take a closer look at  Stadium Under Map Glitch  , what the hell is going on and why is it a game-breaking Warzone bug .

We have been waiting for the Nuke Event for months. So it's understandable that we're a little disappointed with  Verdansk '84 . That disappointment is taken to extremes by the new Stadium Glitch that brings players under the map.

If you've missed out on the last few days, here's everything about  Season 3 and the  Nuke Event :

Verdansk '84 , the revision of the old map (yes, call it revision, the map didn't deserve the attribute 'new'), has taken the roof off the stadium. Now it looks like a 1980s sports arena. But at least that was ONLY boring to look at. Now the fatal  Warzone Stadium Glitch comes around the corner and completely destroys the game.

What is the Warzone Stadium Under Map Glitch?

The Warzone Stadium Glitch allows players to get under the map in the stadium . From there they can shoot enemies above them. A clip shared by user  u / TITANxRaven  on Reddit shows an entire team exploiting the glitch. Players who exploit the Under Map Glitch Stadium are invulnerable but can kill other players. It's best to see it for yourself:

Pretty broken right? I don't know about you, but I'm slowly losing faith in Warzone. Every season and every update brings new bugs and glitches. How long should it go on like this?

But seriously again, the  Warzone Stadium Glitch is pretty bad and should be fixed as soon as possible. The problem is, Raven Software hasn't even mentioned the glitch yet. So it could still take a while until a fix is ​​found. Warzone definitely needs to wrap up warm as soon as the new Battlefield hits the market.


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