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To be precise 19 of them.

Data Miner Leaks Some Possible New Dota 2 Heroes

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Valkyrie Heroes of Newerth
Could the Valkyrie from Heroes of Newerth be getting a port to Dota 2? (Image credit: S2 Games)

According to a recent leak by a data miner, Dota 2 might have a lot more in store than we ever suspected. A total of 19 new hero names were discovered.

Data miners play a major role in a lot of the popular titles nowadays as a lot of the news come from unreleased content within the game files. Dota 2 isn’t exactly a data miner heaven as we rarely get any information other than from Valve themselves. There are exceptions though like the current case where a Reddit user discovered 19 Dota 2 heroes. Whether they’re new, upcoming or already implemented in some form into the game remains to be seen.

You can find the full thread with all the names listed right here. Some of the heroes only have a name, others get a full kit of abilities. There are a couple of them that truly stand out while others could’ve been the early builds for some of the more recent heroes in Dota 2. Then there are also heroes in names only.

Dampeer in HoN
Dampeer in HoN. (Image credit: S2 Games)

Valkyrie, Vampire and Puppet Master

The three heroes in question not only have abilities but also talents. This could be a good indication that these characters might see the light of day at some point. Upon closer inspection, none of the abilities of the trio are coming close to some of the latest releases in Dota 2. A good theory about the trio is that we could potentially be seeing a port from Heroes of Newerth.

Valkyrie is already a hero in HoN, so is Puppet Master. The only variable is Vampire, who could be an equivalent to Dampeer.

In 2019 alone Valve released a total of three heroes – Mars, Snapfire, and Void Spirit. It has been almost a year without a new hero and maybe we should expect a reveal soon. After all, Valve have the habit of teasing new heroes during The International. It certainly looks like Dota 2’s big event won't be happening in the current year. Perhaps it's time for a hero trailer, eh Valve?

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