The new ranked split brought back some old problems

Dashboarding is back in the second ranked split of Apex Legends

Apex legends gibraltar dashboarding

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It has been only a few days after Apex Legends entered the second ranked split of its Season 4. Little did we know that dashboard, something we thought already a thing of the past, will make a return.

Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation is still going strong. Just two days ago the game entered its second ranked split, marking the return of the fan-favorite Kings Canyon map. World’s Edge is gone for now, but it may come back one day unless we see a totally different battlefield for Season 5 which is totally not out of the question. Additionally, players also experienced a soft reset to their ranks and many of them will be brought down but that's completely normal.

So far so good right? Wrong. Dashboarding, as it’s commonly called, is a term used to describe a player leaving the game prematurely. This puts the other two remaining squadmates at a disadvantage and could happen in both casual and ranked, with the latter being much more frustrating. It’s important to note that the player using the bug won’t get a penalty and that’s where the main part of the issue lies. Usually, when things look bad and are heading towards elimination, someone will abandon the match in a last-moment attempt to not lose rating. Dashboarding was a big problem in Season 3, with many players using the malicious practice. Respawn addressed it accordingly by punishing all the abusers with the start of Season 4 and with Assimilation kicking in everyone thought it was gone for good.

Now with the second ranked split starting, players were reminded of the “good” old times as people have found a new way of replicating the bug. One Reddit user already posted a short video detailing how exactly it’s done. On one hand that would give info to a huge amount of people and total chaos will ensue in ranked matches. On the other, this will motivate the developers to find a quick solution. Respawn are no doubt already aware and probably working to resolve the issues since it’s quite annoying for anyone playing ranked. The company is usually in touch with the community, so a game-breaking bug that ruins the experience for a huge number of players should be of utmost importance.

Have you experienced dashboarding in any of your recent games?

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