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Cute Hearthstone video teaches how to play Demon Hunter

Cute hearthstone video demon hunter

Feel the cuteness of 10,000 years! (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment.)

An animated video by creator CarbotAnimations provides insight as to how to pilot Hearthstone’s new playable hero class - Demon Hunter.

The Year of the Phoenix is now in full swing and the Demon Hunter has officially entered the tavern. Moreover, it was so powerful, that an emergency nerf was needed! Amidst the controversy, Blizzard has released a rather cute instructional video on how to play Illidan.

How To Play Demon Hunter! | Hearthstone. (Video credit: Blizzard Entertainment.)

The video creator is a fan-favorite animator known as CarbotAnimations, who originally grew to fame with his adorable StarCraft comedy shorts. The talented video maker has since collaborated with the gaming company on multiple occasions, including this little instructional reel.

In the video, a seemingly disinterested narrator provides useful tips & tricks while hilarious shenanigans illustrate his words.

While talking about attacks and weapons, the miniature Illidan rages against his brother Malfurion and clears his boards of Treants. While talking about “the friendship of 10,000 years”, we’re treated to cute renditions of various Warcraft demons who befriend our hero to fight against the Burning Legion.

Overall, the video perfectly captures the whimsical and tongue-in-cheek tone of Hearthstone despite its epic fantasy heritage.

You can see more of Carbot’s work on his official YouTube channel, and keep up with everything Hearthstone right here on EarlyGame!

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