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Cube Draft comes to MTGA

Cube craft mtga massacre girl

Massacre Girl will wreak havoc on the yet another battlefield. (Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

Limited players rejoice! Magic: The Gathering Arena will now support Cube Draft as one of its play modes. All cards from the past few years and select ones dating back in the game’s history will be gathered in one special set to be drafted.

Game makers Wizards of the Coast have been hard at work improving the draft system within MTGA. Not long ago, they implemented a feature players have been asking for since the online client’s initial release - proper 8-piece multiplayer.

Now comes another big announcement - Historic Cube Draft. This will take advantage of the Historic-based set that MTGA already has in its disposal and the packs designed for Historic Cube Sealed, a format already in the game, will now be usable for drafting as well.

This is great news, as the Historic format has proven to be popular with fans of MTGA, and the one thing that really sets it apart from paper Magic in terms of format. Historic cards never rotate out, so we expect to see the game mode shift, grow and expand as more cards are added frequently - thematic sets and Historic Anthologies alike.

The Historic Cube Draft hits the servers on June 12 and the first event will be free of charge.

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