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Top 10 Greatest CS:GO Players, Part 1


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CS:GO has a long and colorful history. We know, we’re old! It’s been eight glorious years filled up with fantastic plays by fantastic players. Some are more fantastic than others. Some weren’t as fantastic in spurts but were still somewhat fantastic for so long, it made them an inseparable part of the fantastic world of everything fantastic that is CS:GO.


Being fantastic is not all it takes to be called the greatest though. That’s a complicated relationship between how you’ve played over a career, how consistently you’ve played over a career, how much you’ve won, and most importantly – how many olofboosts per match you’ve performed.

We dug hard and deep into the annals of CS:GO history to pick out the greatest to ever do it. We were forced into omitting some personal and community favorites. We feel so guilty that we extend our apologies to Patrik ‘f0rest Lindberg publicly right here. We love you, bro! You were simply better in 1.6...

How does your favorite player stack up? Do you feel confident about his spot on our top 10? Is that favorite player Dosia? If so, then you can relax completely. Dosia is always No. 1 at the heart of any CS:GO list.

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