The youngster claims there's much more to it than allu is letting slip

Sergey Scrutinizes Allu Over ENCE Departure Comments

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Sergey did not hold up on allu's comments during HLTV Confirmed. (Image Credit: Starladder)

A fan favorite is falling apart. ENCE's CS:GO team, a former Major finalist, has gone through several roster changes in the past 18 months searching for success. One of those changes - the departure of Jere "sergey" Salo, has caused a lot of stir in the last 24 hours, nearly a month after it happened.

A mini-Finnish CS:GO war is building up. Aleksi "allu" Jalli's appearance on the HLTV Confirmed podcast caused some former and current teammates to respond. Well, to be precise, it caused sergej to respond on Twitter and others to retweet.

Allu Goes All Out on ENCE's Struggles, Sergey Responds on Twitter

Allu, for better or worse, is the poster man for Finnish CS:GO. Part of the reason for this is his at times questionable temperament. Wherever the 28-year-old goes, drama follows. This time the drama showed its head during allu's HLTV Confirmed appearance.

In a (supposedly) honest interview the veteran admitted some mistakes and opened up about a lot of the stuff - positive and negative, that have happened with and around his team - ENCE. Unfortunately for the man, negatives overtook the ENCE calendar since Aleksi "aleksib" Virolainen's dubious removal from the team in summer 2019.

The series of uncomfortable questions about the downward spiral that followed inevitably brought the conversation to the latest roster change. The once promising sergej took his leave from ENCE in mid-November for a reason you will rarely encounter in esports or regular sports for that matter. The 18-year-old left to fulfil his military service with the Finnish army.

Asked about sergej's departure, allu commented that the team and the player both tried to make it work but ultimately couldn't and a mutually agreed split was the only decision by the end of it. The veteran player had some positive words to say about the youngster's spirit through these rough months leading to the final decision, yet sergej was not happy at all with what he heard during the podcast.

While his former teammate was still on air, sergej expressed his discontent with what is being said, warned the public to not entirely trust allu's words, questioned his character as a whole and hinted that mental health was heavily involved in the story. Another former member of ENCE - Sami "xseveN" Laasanen, retweeted sergej's posts. Even one of allu's current teammates - Miikka "suNny" Kemppi chimed in. It wasn't even just a retweet, but a full-on comment further throwing shade at allu.

Boy, did that escalate quickly.

Allu responded on air to sergej's original tweet, admitting his shortcomings as a teammate, but did not go in detail on any of the points made by sergej or suNny. Me personally, I would pay a good dollar to witness the next face to face meeting between allu and suNny. It must be a good one.

As always when mental health is involved, we hope that anyone that might be struggling in such a manner, be it sergej or someone else, has taken good care of himself and isn't left with long-term issues. We also lowkey hope that ENCE finally solve their own problems, because singing EZ4ENCE just isn't the same when it's really, really HRD4ENCE.

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