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Neymar is a multi-talented fella

Neymar Wins Clutch vs. No. 1 CS:GO Player in the World

Neymar CS:GO
Neymar is eyeing the next CS:GO star he plans to win a clutch against. (Image Credit: Neymar via Twitter)

Neymar, being the superstar footballer he is, probably isn't worried about his post-retirement plans, but CS:GO is something he should definitely consider. The Brazilian went viral for his skills in the Valve FPS once again, and not playing against some chumps either!

Brazil is among the Counter-Strike cradles. The 5v5 tactical shooter is a religion in the South American country and international superstars are not excluded from the brotherhood. Neymar has been in the spotlight for his CS:GO abilities before, but this time the opposition he shined against gives him proper clout.

Neymar Clutches vs. Zyw0o and Shox

For non-CS:GO fans, the names Mathieu "Zyw0o" Herbaut and Richard "shox" Papillon don't mean much. Imagine going up against Ronaldo and Ronaldinho on the football pitch while you yourself are a professional basketball player. And doing work on them. That's basically what Neymar did to the French CS:GO stars.


In a video that quickly went viral, Neymar is seen clutching a 1v2, capped by the final kill against shox. The footballer had taken off Zyw0o's head seconds before while still in a 2v3 situation. The No. 1 player in the world for 2019 couldn't even fire a shot. But why are we explaining what happened? See for yourself!

Of course, saying that Neymar as anywhere near the level of play of the two Frenchmen and their Vitality teammate Dan "apEX" Madesclaire, who also took part in the match, would be asinine. Yet there's something cool to see someone playing for fun being able to take on the best in the game, even if for a single play.

It also feels strangely satisfying to see a man with Neymar's status being the underdog and feeling the same passion for getting the kills in a video game that you or I would if we were in his place. Gaming is a passion, which is just another common point with regular sports.

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