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New CS:GO Update Introduces Weapon Sharing

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The latest of a string of CS:GO updates introduced a couple of curious new game mechanics, fixed fugs related to Operation Broken Fang, and did some maintenance work on a bunch of maps.

It's CS:GO update season again. The FPS had not been patched since October, and it got to the point of fans demanding Valve do something. Valve something did, and now we're seemingly greeted with a new update every other day. See what the latest CS:GO patch notes say.

CS:GO Update Introduces Weapon Sharing

I found it weirdly difficult to defy this in a couple of words, but thankfully I can explain it in full sentences here. Valve have noticed a new in-game trend and made its execution easier on players. This new mechanic is buying your teammate a weapon when finances require some maneuvering. This has only been part of the Counter-Strike meta for 20 years, so it was very nice of Valve to recognize it and create an easier way of doing this.

Instead of buying and throwing the weapon at your teammate's feet, then buying (or retrieving) your own weapon of choice, you can now hold a designated button (left ctrl by default) when buying and the game will recognize you're buying this for a teammate and throw the gun on the ground automatically.

One of the more under the radar patch notes here is the disabling of player kick votes in Operation Broken Fang Premier pick/ban arenas. Toxicity can only be beaten by forbidding it apparently.

See the full patch notes for all that's new in terms of game overlay, Operation Broken Fang and map changes.

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