It's weird getting so many CS:GO updates

New CS:GO Update Shapes Out Ancient, Modifies Ping

Csgo ancient

Ancient was the focus of attention in the lastest CS:GO update. (Image Credit: Valve)

After a long and drawn out wait for a massive CS:GO update, we have now gotten four in the space of a few days. Yes, three of them are an extension of the first, but we're willing to count everything as a regular update right now, just to make ourselves feel better.

Exactly a week ago, Valve unveiled Operation Broken Fang. The much anticipated update took borderline voodoo magic in order to finally materialize, but it is here, so we're not going to moan about it. Like many massive updates, this one also required some post-launch stitching. For something that took three months to arrive though, three additional patches in the span of a week does seem a bit excessive.

The first update, released just a day after Operation Broken Fang launched, dealt with technicalities entirely. The second patch that came out a couple of days ago continued on the trend, but did some map work as well. As a bunch of community maps were added to the pool with Broken Fang, that's nothing out of the ordinary.

This third update in what is likely a longer series of mini-patches continues to focus on small gameplay and performance fixes and optimizing the new maps. While there's at least one patch note for several maps, the ones mostly improved are Ancient and the Danger Zone map Frostbite.

You can see the patch notes yourself, so you know exactly what to expect. One thing you can expect is a couple more similar CS:GO updates before the holiday period. It feels strangely fulfilling after a three-month drought!

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