New CS:GO Stickers! Technical Timeout in Competitive Matchmaking


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Valve are spoiling us, which is difficult to say, more difficult to believe and the most difficult to accept. Like, what the hell, we're not used to preferential treatment!

Can't say we're not enjoying it though. Three rather major updates in the span of less than a month is something we could definitely get accustomed to. After killing off bots in Competitive Matchmaking and opening official game servers in Argentina, Valve has now moved on to dessert.

The CS:GO version of a chocolate cake comes in the form of stickers. But wait, there hasn't been a Major in a year and a half! What stickers might these be? The next best thing, basically.

Valve decided, rightfully so, that a whole year without Majors is unbearable, but a whole year without stickers is just the worst. So they released stickers for the Regional Major Ranking (RMR) events that did take place last year.

Yeah, yeah, it's not the same. Nothing is in 2020. Just be happy, k?

If stickers don't make your skin crawl, then there's a big update on the gameplay front that may be able to do that. Valve recognized their servers and our internet are not unimpregnable and added one automatic technical timeout to Competitive Matchmaking and Wingman. It will pause the game for two minutes when a player disconnects.

Doesn't work when someone gets kicked. Sorry to burst your toxic bubble.

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