The pandemic caught up to the CS:GO pro scene

Na'Vi's Perfecto Contracts Coronavirus, IEM New York Match Postponed

Perfecto coronavirus

Perfecto's coronavirus issues caused some discussion over Na'Vi's privileges over other CIS teams. (Image credit: BLAST Premier)

Natus Vincere's young player Ilya "⁠Perfecto⁠" Zalutskiy has been confirmed as COVID-19 positive. The 20-year-old should be fine, but his condition meant that Na'Vi's IEM New York match against forZe had to be postponed. A decision which was surprisingly met with a lot of hostility by some of the forZe players.

Natus Vincere's young rifler Perfecto has contracted the coronavirus. The breaking news came out last night, alongside the official rescheduling of Na'Vi's IEM New York CIS clash with forZe.

Perfecto is young and in good shape, so we are having the liberty of not being too concerned for his short- or long-term help. We know Ilya has COVID-19 in the bag!

However, his condition and ESL's subsequent decision to reschedule Natus Vincere's IEM New York CIS group stage match with forZe rubbed some people on the latter's roster the wrong way. In-game leader Andrey "⁠Jerry⁠" Mekhryakov went to Twitter to express his frustration at the way ESL handled the situation and threw shade at the organizer's objectivity when it comes to punishing Na'Vi and other CIS teams.

His teammates are mostly in agreement with Jerry, and there might be some validity to their claims. Just a few days back, were forced to forfeit the first map in their IEM New York CIS game against K23 because of a scheduling conflict with a Flashpoint Closed Qualifier match.

Where Jerry and co's banter loses weight is that in VP's case, they were late for their game because of their participation in another event. A choice they themselves made when designing their schedule. If your team does not show up on time for the Champions League final because they were busy playing in the Sunday Football League, the ref is probably not going to take it too kindly.

In Natus Vincere's case, one of their players got infected with 2020's version of the black plague and ESL decided to be half-decent by giving them a chance to recover from the horrible news. We are certain there are no malicious thoughts in Jerry or any of his teammates' minds in regards to Perfecto's health and this outburst was just frustration boiling over, but it's still not a great look for the forZe guys.

The only legitimate question remaining is what will happen with this match and Na'Vi's remaining fixtures at IEM New York. Is Perfecto going to be able to play on the new match date of Tuesday, October 19? If not, why postpone it in the first place? We'll have to wait another day to find out the answers.

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