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Chaos Win IEM Beijing-Haidian Amid Speculation of CS:GO Exit

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If they are to leave CS:GO, Chaos went out with a bang. (Image Credit: Chaos Esports Club via Twitter)

IEM Beijing-Haidian's four regions all produced their champions within the last 24 hours. Chaos Esports Club were the real story as they persevered through the rumors of disbanding to win the North American section of the tournament. Team Vitality were crowned champions in Europe.

The three-week-long CS:GO event IEM Beijing-Haidian concluded simultaneously in four regions on Sunday. Surprise champions, supreme comebacks and some good ol' ausie domination were all part of the main menu.

Chaos Win IEM Beijing-Haidian Despite the Chaos

Over the weekend the rumor mill suggested that Chaos Esports Club will be pulling out of CS:GO. The players kept their composure and did not allow this to distract them whatsoever.

The IEM Beijing-Haidian North America final was always going to result in a Cinderella story. Standing in Chaos' way were the feel-good team of the year in the NA region - Triumph. This event was especially sweet for Triumph who knocked out former player Michael "Grim" Wince's Team Liquid in the semifinals. Chaos came up with a semifinal upset of their own against Evil Geniuses, so all bets were off for the grand final.

The clash of the non-titans had potential to go into a fifth map. Triumph's comeback on Nuke was halted in the final round of regulation, stripping us of the thriller and them of the opportunity to win a prestigous event.

IEM Beijing-Haidian North America Grand Final

Chaos Esports Club - Triumph

  • 16:5 (Train)
  • 11:16 (Mirage)
  • 16:5 (Overpass)
  • 16:14 (Nuke)

Vitality Break Natus Vincere's Spirit

Natus Vincere must have come away with a migrane from the IEM Beijing-Haidian Europe final. Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev did all he could to push his team to a tournament victory but his Herculean effort came undone after Na'Vi threw away a 2-0 lead versus Team Vitality.

Na'Vi were seemingly on their way to a spectacular streak at IEM Beijing-Haidian. They knocked off Astralis and the freshly improved version of G2 in the playoffs back-to-back and looked certain to do the same to Vitality in the final. They would have been able to do it too had the format not been Bo5.

Unfortunately, the format was Bo5 and the last three maps saw Na'Vi at their worst. They won 23 rounds total, with a 5-round half being their best. Dreadful. This leaves the CIS giants with a single trophy during the coronavirus online era. A title that came at the first big event held online - IEM Katowice.

IEM Beijing-Haidian Europe Grand Final

Team Vitality - Natus Vincere

  • 5:16 (Nuke)
  • 12:16 (Dust2)
  • 16:6 (Overpass)
  • 16:9 (Inferno)
  • 16:8 (Mirage)

ViCi Establish Positions in Asia, Renegades Still Dominate Oceania

ViCi Gaming denied Tyloo in the Asian final, a rarity on any day. ViCi were imposing this time around though, beating Tyloo not once but twice during the course of IEM Beijing-Haidian.

Renegades keep their stranglehold on Oceania. ORDER tried valiantly in the final and did push the favorites to the brink on both maps, but lost both, per Oceania norms.

IEM Beijing-Haidian Asia Grand Final

ViCi Gaming - Tyloo

  • 1-0 default advantage
  • 16:12 (Train)
  • 16:12 (Inferno)

IEM Beijing-Haidian Oceania Grand Final

Renegades - ORDER

  • 1-0 default advantage
  • 19:15 (Dust2)
  • 16:14 (Inferno)

IEM Beijing-Haidian Rewards

For their winning runs, the four IEM Beijing-Haidian champions receive:

  • Team Vitality - $60,000; IEM Global Challenge spot
  • Chaos Esports Club - $35,000; IEM Global Challenge spot
  • ViCi Gaming - $8000
  • Renegades - $8000

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