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CS:GO Tips and Tricks: How to Play AWP

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CS:GO is a tactical competitive FPS and each player needs to have a certain role for everything to run smoothly in the team. You can play as entry fragger, riffler, lurker, support, or as an AWP player. There are several different positions, but no matter the rank, every team in CS:GO needs an AWP player. If you are one or you want to be one, stick around to this article and learn how to play the AWP properly in CS:GO.

It's not just aiming and headshotting. (image via GIPHY)

AWP Basics

The sniper rifle, or just AWP, is the deadliest weapon in CS:GO, but it is also the most expensive one. This “one-shot kill” weapon will cost you exactly $4750. Therefore, an AWP needs to be carried around to the next round because it is just too expensive to buy it again.

So, if you plan to buy it, then rush and die straight away, just don’t. Instead, learn how to use this weapon properly and you will be unstoppable. There are several factors that can help you improve your AWP skill and we will go through all of them.

AWP Aiming and Zoom

First of all, you need to know how to aim with the AWP. When aiming, you need to stand still for maximal accuracy. Moving while shooting will make you inaccurate and you will probably miss the shot. However, if you are crouched down and moving, you will be accurate but it is not recommended because you will just slowly walk into your enemies' crosshairs.

Awp aim

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Zoom on AWP has two levels. The most important thing is to get comfortable with the first level of zoom and always use it, especially if you are attacking. Use double zoom only for extremely long range in situations when you just have to hold an angle and wait for enemies.

On the other hand, for extremely close combat, good players often use the “no-scope” technique. While it looks spectacular, no-scope shots are random and it is always better to use “quick scope” instead. Let’s face it, you are not on a pro-level and a tiny fragment of a second won’t make any difference, so always go for “quick scope” in those situations. In other words, press right-click and left-click at the same time instead of just pressing left-click.

Positioning and Utility Usage

What makes the AWP extremely difficult to play is positioning. You have to study the maps and find the best sniping spots. You also need to familiarize yourself with meeting points and the time it takes to get there. Always choose spots where you can get faster than your enemies.

This way, you just need to wait for people to walk into your crosshairs. Keep in mind that you need to control the map and be patient. The sooner you realize kills aren’t that important, the sooner you will get better with this weapon. Also, be aware that enemies are afraid of the AWP and they won’t peek that easily. If you show your presence, they will probably flash you out. Try to reposition as much as you can and never let them know where you are.


Silent and deadly.

If you are playing on the Terrorist side, you will find yourself in a difficult position. Attacking with an AWP isn’t as easy as defending with it. There is no such thing as a peeker's advantage when it comes to AWP. This weapon isn’t accurate instantly and CT will always have an advantage. Try to use flashes before peeking and make sure to only peek one angle at a time. Don’t get too exposed and open yourself to multiple enemies. If you can’t fight against them, just smoke off dangerous positions.

One-way smokes are also a good way to get some free kills, so make sure to learn a few. If you are zoomed-in, don’t use shift because it will only slow you down. Enemies can’t hear you while you run with zoomed-in AWP. However, they can hear un-zooming so don’t do it. Instead, switch to knife and back to AWP whenever you want to un-zoom.

AWP Training

There are several different maps where you can train your AWP skills. Download them from the Steam Workshop to train your reflexes and response time. If you want to practice flick-shots, you can do so on regular aim maps against bots. It does not matter if bots are just carrying knives, you just need to get flick-shots into your muscle memory.

The best tip we can give you is to learn from professionals. Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev is a natural talent and you probably won’t get even close to him. But do you know what makes Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz so good? His positioning! The kills dev1ce makes aren’t spectacular but he knows how to position properly and that’s why he always wins duels.


He makes it seem easy but his results are thousands of hours of practice.

You can also learn a lot from Kenny "kennyS" Schrub, a man who introduced “quick scope” back to Counter-Strike. Watch a few YouTube videos and focus on details to see exactly what they do.

Think you got what it takes? Grab that AWP and show your enemy how much you're really capable of!


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