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How to Fix the CS:GO FPS Bug

CSG Opic

CS.GO is known for two-handed rifling... duh... (Credit: Valve)

Are you having performance issues? Feeling stressed? Don't worry, it happens to 2 out of 10 men: FPS problems in CS:GO. If you are experiencing any of these performance issues, we might just have the answer.

So Valve has recently been on quite the update tear, giving us more updates in recent memory than we ever thought possible. That's fantastic. The fact that players are still experiencing FPS issues is not.

Some players' FPS drops from 200 or more to 30 at random times. That sucks because even if you suck, it's gonna make you suck even more. Tired of sucking? Uhm... we have the solution.

Here's How You Can Fix the CS:GO FPS Bug

C Sgo Bug

They all had performance issues. (Credit: Valve)

Get your hacker tools out, because we're going into the commands: Enter the command logaddress_add 1 when experiencing the FPS bug and... that actually should fix it. Bob's Your Uncle.

If you are one of the players that don't know his or her way around commands... we got you covered, booboo:

  • Go to Options and Game Settings
  • Locate Enable Developer Console and click yes
  • Press the key under Esc (called the tilde key)
  • Now you've got the command window open and can type in logaddress_add 1

Give it a couple of seconds and your FPS should return to normal. If the bug acts up again, you're gonna have to go through all these steps again until Valve gets their merde together – excuse mon francais.

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