The stand-in stood out!

Holy S**t: Honda with 3 Aces in FURIA Debut!

Honda blast premier global final

Honda with a debut triple ace! (Credit: BLAST Premier)

FURIA Esports' newest member Lucas "honda" Cano enjoyed a fantastic debut in the ranks of the best Brazilian team around. The 20-year-old recorded an outrageous three aces in his first game for FURIA - a contender for most memorable CS:GO debut ever.

Young honda wasn't even supposed to be at the BLAST Premier Global Finals this week. Now, he's not only there, but is producing amazing stuff in his first maps playing for FURIA Esports!

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Honda with Three Aces in FURIA Debut

Honda was brought into the senior FURIA lineup for the BLAST Premier Global Finals only because new signing Paytyn "junior" Johnson encountered passport issues. The youngster was promoted from the academy team to act as FURIA's fifth player at the event. Fair to say he made that "five" number his own...

In FURIA's opening match vs. G2 Esports, honda aced. Then... he aced again.... and aced again... Three aces in one game! While one of those was an anti-eco mowdown, two were produced with pistols, so we can't even try to find a way to diminish the man's incredible accomplishment.

Don't take our word for it, see for yourself!

Honda Ace No. 1

Honda Ace No. 2

Honda Ace No. 3

The only downside is that, despite honda's highlights, he didn't really have a great game and his team lost. A 50-62 K/D ratio in a debut isn't horrible per se, but when you take into consideration the aces, that leaves honda with a 35-62 in the remaining 81 rounds of play... Talk about putting things into perspective...

The stand-in's job won't get any easier in his second appearance for FURIA as they face Evil Geniuses in an elimination game.

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