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HLTV’s Top 20 CS:GO Players of 2020, Part 2


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Gather ‘round children, for it is time for everyone's favorite past-time activity — determining an individual’s worth by comparing numbers. That’s right, HLTV’s Top 20 list of the best CS:GO players of 2020 is the topic everyone talks about every January. Of course, we are no exception. We wouldn’t want to disappoint now, would we? So, get out your torches and pitchforks to defend your favorite pro’s honor by throwing insults at analysts who try their best to find a way to compare performances. Just kidding! We wanted to thank HLTV for all the effort they put into these lists every year. But without further ado: here are rank 10 – 1 of the best CS:GO pros of 2020. Enjoy!


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