An unorthodox approach

Fans Try to Force a CS:GO Update With a Curse


The time when we got major updates such as the nerfing of the SG 553 feel so far gone. (Image credit: Valve)

CS:GO fans found a way to summon the game update gods: In a rather unconventional approach, they opted to trigger the caster curse, hoping it would lead to a well overdue update of the first-person shooter. IEM Beijing-Haidian casters helped out the best they can, proving CS:GO-loving folks are all in the same boat, even if we sometimes cyka blyat each other.

What do you do when your favorite game has not seen an update in over a month? You go to Reddit and get casters at a major esports event to say what you want them to say live on air of course!

Summoning a CS:GO Update via the Caster Curse

The so-called caster curse is a running gag based on the phenomenon of a CS:GO caster proclaiming something is either a certainty or completely impossible and then the exact opposite actually happening. Times when that has occurred during CS:GO casting are countless and universally hilarious.

Desperate for the game to get its first update since October 15, CS:GO players went to Reddit and did what one does in that situation - invoke a curse. A post on the CS:GO sub called for the caster curse to be employed by the IEM Beijing-Haidian crew. With the way the CS:GO caster curse works, the casters saying "there's no chance we're going to get a big CS:GO update before the end of the year," should result in us actually seeing such an update.

During a studio segment at the event, Alex 'Machine' Richardson and Chad 'SpunJ' Burchill did not leave the call unanswered and not only did what was asked of them, but replicated, word for word, a couple of the top comments under the post.

There is no way such flawless teamwork can go unrewarded. At least that's what we wish to believe. In reality there is certainly, absolutely no chance we are getting an update before 2021 though, because we're not dealing with a gaming company, but a sloth.

Now... let's see if the CS:GO writer's curse can join forces with the caster curse to make it happen. We've all done our part.

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