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Astralis Deny Mousesports Dream Run at DreamHack Masters Winter

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Device was too much for mousesports to handle. (Image Credit: via Twitter)

Astralis just won't go away! The Danish machine has once again climbed to the top of the podium, this time winning DreamHack Masters Winter. Mousesports were the victims in the grand final but should be happy with their performances last week regardless.

Astralis might not be ranked as the best team in the world right now, but we all know that's exactly what they are. The Danes proved once again no one could match their intensity by adding another big trophy to the endless collection of silverware.

Astralis Halt Mousesports' Rally at DreamHack Masters Winter

You never know what you're going to get from mousesports. They were horrendous at DreamHack Open Fall and IEM Beijing-Haidian, then recovered somewhat by qualifying from the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown. This last week they kicked it up another gear and only Astralis' brilliance denied Finn "karrigan" Andersen's troops a well-deserved title.

The two teams met in the final after emerging from the same group. The pair never played each other there, however, thanks to Astralis' opening day loss to GODSENT. The latter almost made it back to Astralis but lost a tense semi-final to red hot mousesports, who were yet to taste defeat during DreamHack Masters Winter.

That defeat eventually came in the most painful of ways. The first couple of maps did not do a great job at foreshadowing what was to come but fans got what they had hoped for in the next two. Nuke pumped some much-needed adrenaline into the final, which lead us perfectly into the double OT drama of Vertigo that could have resulted in a fifth map. Alas, the trialed Danes showed their experience in these situations. They cut the final short, won their third title of the year and denied mousesports their second.

DreamHack Masters Winter Europe Final

Astralis - mousesports

  • 16:5 (Train)
  • 3:16 (Inferno)
  • 16:13 (Nuke)
  • 22:19 (Vertigo)

Chaos Show Incredible Resillience in North America

The story of Chaos Esports Club is hard to grasp really. A couple of weeks ago speculations began that the organization is going to abandon its CS:GO roster and leave the scene. The team won IEM Beijing-Haidian. Last week the organization confirmed that it's all true and they will be leaving the boys behind. The boys won DreamHack Masters Winter.

If this is some 200 IQ strategy that mortal minds cannot comprehend, then the Chaos EC management are gods walking the Earth. If not, then they are criminals for even thinking of disbanding these young men.

To be entirely objective, we must admit that some of the seminal teams in the North American region - FURIA Esports, Team Liquid and the recently restructured Cloud9 were not competing during both of Chaos' title-winning efforts. Even then, a trophy is a trophy and it would be a shame if Chaos go through with their plans of leaving the scene.

DreamHack Masters Winter North America Final

Chaos Esports Club - Team One

  • 3:16 (Nuke)
  • 16:9 (Train)
  • 16:2 (Overpass)
  • 13:16 (Mirage)
  • 16:10 (Vertigo)

ViCi the New Kings of Asia?

We're so used to Tyloo being the dominant force in Asia that any time some other team wins a couple of local events we're ready to challenge the king's throne. There might me some merit to it this time though. By securing the DreamHack Masters Winter Asia title ViCi Gaming have now won three of the last four Asian regional tournaments, which at the very least is a serious statement of bad intentions.

The only asterisk to this trophy in particular is that ViCi and Tyloo never met each other. It was finalists TIGER that played the role of spoiler by beating Tyloo twice. When you smash the team that's beaten that other team, that surely means you would have beaten the other team too, right? Is that not how CS:GO logic is applied? Ah, shiiied!

DreamHack Masters Winter Asia Final

ViCi Gaming - TIGER

  • 1:0 Default Advantage
  • 16:6 (Inferno)
  • 16:14 (Train)

Renegades Win in Oceania, Everyone Is Shocked

Yeah, not really. Renegades won every single Oceania tournament they participated in since the initial lockdown began in March. The regional overlords actually conceded a defeat this time, which is more news than them winning the event. The team that beat them was ORDER. Unfortunately for the finalists, that victory came earlier in the bracket and the only thing it did for them was to technically change the grand final's result.

DreamHack Masters Winter Oceania Final

Renegades - ORDER

  • 0:1 Default Advantage
  • 16:10 (Inferno)
  • 16:8 (Mirage)
  • 16:7 (Dust2)

Prizes at DreamHack Masters Winter

The big money this weekend was thrown around at Flashpoint Season 2, but DreamHack Masters Winter weren't too shabby too. Here's what every team walked away with from their respective regional event:

DreamHack Masters Winter Europe

  1. Astralis - $60,000/400 ESL Pro Tour points
  2. mousesports - $30,000/265 points
  3. FURIA Esports - $12,000/160 points
  4. GODSENT - $12,000/160 points
  5. Complexity Gaming - $5,000/75 points
  6. Cloud9 - $5,000/75 points
  7. Heroic - $5,000/75 points
  8. Gambit Esports - $5,000/75 points
  9. FaZe Clan - $2,500/45 points
  10. G2 Esports - $2,500/45 points
  11. North - $2,500/45 points
  12. Team Spirit - $2,500/45 points
  13. Team Liquid - $1500
  14. c0ntact Gaming - $1500
  15. ENCE - $1500
  16. Nemiga Gaming - $1500

DreamHack Masters Winter North America

  1. Chaos Esports Club - $35,000/320 points
  2. Team One - $15,000/190 points
  3. Yeah Gaming - $6,000/105 points
  4. Rebirth Esports - $6,000/105 points
  5. Triumph - $2,500
  6. Mythic - $2,500
  7. Rugratz - $1,500
  8. New England Whalers - $1,500

DreamHack Masters Winter Asia

  1. ViCi Gaming - $8,000/185 points
  2. TIGER - $4,000/85 points
  3. Tyloo - $2,000/45 points
  4. Invictus Gaming - $1,000

DreamHack Masters Winter Oceania

  1. Renegades - $8,000/185 points
  2. ORDER - $4,000/85 points
  3. Avant Gaming - $2,000/45 points
  4. Chiefs Esports Club - $1,000

The 3 Worst Maps in CS:GO

We hope you're not in a relaxed holiday mood yet because there's one more grand CS:GO event that awaits us. The BLAST Premier Fall Grand Finals begin today, yes - today, and you wouldn't want to miss out on that, trust us! We will recap it all once it's all said and done on December 13. Until then, enjoy the show!

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