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CS:GO Weapons Guide: Assault Rifles, Part 2 – We're in Safe Hands

Csgo weapons assault rifles

Some might say CTs get the short end of the assault rifle stick, but we'll prove to you that CS:GO has something for everyone. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

We are only done with one half of the assault rifles CS:GO has on offer. This week, our weapons guide will go over the remainder of the core weapons in the game – the assault rifles exclusive to Counter-Terrorists.

In the most recent entry of our CS:GO weapons guide, we made sure you know all there is to know about the Terrorists' assault rifles. Naturally, we can't leave the counter-force without its fair share of attention, so this time, we'll dive into the buy menu of the Counter-Terrorists to see what they have at their disposal to fight those bomb planters.

CS:GO Assault Rifles Overview

Assault rifles are the bread and butter of every good CS:GO player. Yes, even AWPers. That's why knowing what you have in your hands and how best to exploit its strengths is an absolute must if you want to be any good at the game.

There are a total of seven assault rifles in CS:GO. All seven are exclusive – three to the Terrorists and four to the Counter-Terrorists. Today, we take a journey through the latter's options to see how they match up against T-side rifles and among themselves.

Very generally speaking, you'll find out that CT rifles are less powerful but easier to use. If you've been following these guides, however, you would know that no CS:GO gun is limited to basics and each has its own identity. That's why we go over them one by one. Today's first entry is...


Csgo weapons famas

Not enough money for an M4 but don't wish to downgrade to an SMG? Take the FAMAS! (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

  • Price: $2250
  • Kill reward: $300

We begin with the cheap CT option. Well, cheap by relative CT standards. That CTs need a lot more cash to arm themselves is a well-established fact, but how does the FAMAS make up for its high price? If nothing else, it is at least one of the most unique weapons in CS:GO.

That's due to it being the only automatic weapon to have a burst fire mode. The only other burst-firing weapon is the Glock pistol. It gives FAMAS users an interesting choice to make because the three-bullet burst increases accuracy and fire rate, but it also comes with the obvious disadvantage of pausing between bursts. So if you are unable to get the kill in one go, you're basically screwed.

Other than that, the FAMAS lacks in almost every category compared to its CT peers and its direct Terrorist counterpart – the Galil. It matches the fire rate (when shooting regularly) and the difficult to control horizontal spray pattern of the Galil. Magazine size (25 bullets), armor penetration, movement speed and range are all fronts where the battle is lost by the CT rifle, which combined with its price, paints a grim picture.

But that's compared to a Terrorist weapon – a battle that would often be lost. Within the CT armory, the FAMAS is a reliable mid-level investment laying between the much cheaper SMGs and the much more expensive rifles.

It sometimes gets lost in no man's land because it's not the most productive anti-eco option due to its higher price and lower kill reward compared to SMGs and shotguns. In instances where you're short on cash and really need a round as CTs, though, the FAMAS is your best friend.

If you do have the money, you'll be able to get your hands on one of the following three babies. First off:


Csgo weapons m4a1

The M4A1-S is resurging a little thanks to a couple of recent buffs. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

  • Price: $2900
  • Kill reward: $300

The launch of CS:GO was a sad day for M4A1 lovers as the legendary weapon was not present in the game at first. A year later, it was added via an update and it has been an integral part of the CS:GO lore ever since. That said, it has lost its undisputed status as the go-to CT assault rifle. That's owed to the increased competition and not to its own qualities, though.

Like the FAMAS, the M4A1-S is unique. It is one of three CS:GO weapons to include a silencer and one of two to have a detachable one. The other is the CT default pistol – the USP-S. Let's get this out of the way now – there are zero reasons to remove the silencer at any point. Removing it reduces accuracy, increases recoil and just makes the gun sound hideous. Trust me, look up the firing sounds on YouTube and don't do this to yourself in-game.

Aside from its silencer, the M4A1-S' main advantage compared to its peers is the relatively controllable recoil. Since this year, its price was also reduced and it's now cheaper than the Terrorists' SG-553. Unheard of! Incredible accuracy and range don't hurt the M4A1-S' stock either.

Things aren't as rosy for the silenced assassin in terms of rate of fire and ammo capacity. Despite a huge spike in ammo that saw the gun's capacity increase almost double in the past couple of years, it still carries the least amount of total bullets and is tied for the smallest magazine size among assault rifles. Its 25/75 ammo split is a far cry from the nerve-wracking 20/40 of yesteryear, but the possibility of an uncomfortable encounter is still there.

The M4A1-S in CS:GO is not what it used to be in old games, because it battles for a spot in the rotation with another rifle. That rifle happens to be:


Csgo weapons m4a4

The M4A4's solitude was interupted by the M4A1-S post-launch, but it still remains the most picked CT assault rifle. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

  • Price: $3100
  • Kill reward: $300

The expensive, hard-hitting noisy neighbor of the M4A1-S has entered the chat. The only M4 at launch, the M4A4 has had to battle it out with its silenced brother to be the CT's primary rifle. For the most part, it has stood its ground and there are good reasons why.

Without the luxury of a silencer, the M4A4 is much louder but it compensates for it. For one, no silencer makes the weapon smaller, so you can hide behind corners without the gun sticking out. M4A4 bullets are not just louder, but faster and let's not forget – more! The rate of fire is considerably higher with the A4 and ammo is also bumped up to a standard 30/90, which is much more reassuring than the 25/75 the A1 sports.


Don't you just love it when you have all those bullets? We do.

It does have a wilder recoil and spray pattern than the M4A1-S, which makes spraying a very bad idea. Not that it's ever a good idea, but this is definitely not a weapon where you should empty your clip in one spray.

Another area where the silenced rifle is now supreme is price. Formerly sold at equal value, the M4A1-S is now $200 cheaper. It doesn't sound like much, but believe me, it makes a huge difference. We had a whole scoped-rifle era just because they lost that same amount on their pricing.

Compared to the AK-47, both M4s have some advantages and disadvantages. The CT guns have the same movement speed, which is a bit higher than the AK. They are also more accurate, especially at range. The M4A4 has a higher fire rate than both and even though it's much worse than the M4A1-S, the recoil is also easier to manage than the AK's. Of course, where the latter stands out is its ability to one-shot kill helmeted opponents. Something the other two are not capable of doing.

The M4A4 is the assault rifle you'll most often see in the hands of Counter-Terrorists at high-level competitions. That's because it wins the skill wars. You can compensate for recoil but things like ammo capacity and rate of fire are here to stay and often keep the M4A1-S at second place in CT brains. For what it's worth, it will always remain No. 1 in their hearts.


Csgo weapons aug

The magic of the AUG was uncovered by a simple price reduction. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

  • Price: $3300
  • Kill reward: $300

We arrive at our final stop in assault rifle town. Terrorists have the SG 553. Counter-Terrorists... well, counter the Terrorists with the AUG. This is a scoped behemoth that was only recognized after a price reduction, but it has stayed within the meta thanks to its many benefits.

We can't start anywhere else but the scope itself. It zooms in 3x and turns what is an already good rifle into a great one. The accuracy is understandably increased, but it goes up to a level no other assault rifle can match. The weapon's naturally wild recoil is also greatly reduced while scoped. With no fire rate penalty, the only negative of being scoped in is the lowered movement speed.... aaand the fact that you sacrifice your peripheral vision. Back to that in a moment.

Pew-pew and you're dead, terrorist! (Video credit: Andrew Louis via YouTube)

The AUG has the highest armor penetration among CT rifles and it only trails the SG 553 overall. This makes it the only CT-exclusive weapon that can kill a helmeted opponent with a single shot, even if only at very close range.

Maybe now you're beginning to understand why the AUG threatened to overtake the M4s in popularity a couple of years ago. Sadly for scoped enthusiasts, one of the main reasons the AUG is not an integral part of the game – its price, came back as a factor. Once again we stress the fact that $200 can be a significant amount in CS:GO terms.

With the M4A1-S getting cheaper this year, that $400 difference makes it even more difficult for the AUG to break through.

Another area where the AUG can be questioned is speed. It is barely slower on foot than the M4s but it's waaay slower on reload at nearly 4 seconds. The AUG's reload is the second slowest in the entire game which can put you in positions you wouldn't want to be after those 30 bullets are gone.

Want even more low-speed stats? No problem. The fire rate, while unaffected additionally by the scope, is still lower than the M4A4. It is on par with the M4A1-S and AK-47 and does hold an advantage over the SG 553, so things aren't as hopeless in this particular area.

As is the case in 99% of the time, spraying should not be your first option, even with the reduced recoil the scope provides. Use the high damage and accuracy of the AUG for quick taps and short bursts. Remember that peripheral vision thing we mentioned? Be mindful of that when scoped in, especially if you're in the open and/or in close proximity to opponents. Getting surprised doesn't feel as nice in CS:GO as it does on Valentine's Day.

In conclusion, the AUG is a very powerful, extremely accurate CT weapon that cannot always make its way into the team buy because of its high cost. It suits every purpose the defenders need in full-buy scenarios but it should not be on your mind when facing an eco or a force. You wouldn't want that $3300 to go to waste.

CS:GO Weapons Guide: Shotguns

This puts an end to our overview of the CS:GO assault rifles. Yet, there is still one game-changing son of a gun that we are yet to challenge in our guides. To find out what we're talking about, join us for the next part of the EarlyGame CS:GO weapons guide that will tell you all you need to know about the game's snipers.

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