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CS:GO Update on Short-Handed Income, Broken Fang Premier Timeouts

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CS:GO patch notes are getting shorter by the week. (Credit: Valve)

They rarely come as short as this, but an update is an update and we gotta report that s*#t. Valve released a CS:GO update last night with the mighty two patch notes in it. They are both gameplay-related at least, so it's completely devoid of content.

It's raining CS:GO updates in 2021, which completely trounced our expectations. Not that we're complaining. The last two official updates do look kind of silly though. With four lines of text combined between them, it's almost like Valve are just trying to rack up the numbers.

CS:GO Update on Short-Handed Income and Broken Fang Premier

The update prior to yesterday's was two patch notes total, but at least it had the excuse of being a mere follow-up to the large CS:GO update from the day prior. This new one does not have that excuse. It's just two patch notes:

  • Short-handed income is now given after every round regardless of a win or loss.
  • Broken Fang Premier team timeouts have changed from 4x half-minute timeouts to 2x one-minute timeouts.

That's all.

It is gameplay, so we'll explain what those two sentences mean.

Short-handed income was introduced in Competitive Matchmaking and Wingman with the large update we mentioned above. It is a $1,000 per player aid that kicks in when a team has been playing with a man down for three consecutive rounds in a half. It was originally called short-handed loser income because the bonus money would only be given when the short-handed team lost a round. After the new update, win or lose, you receive extra cash.

The second patch note is much more straightforward. The total time of BFP timeouts remains the same, but the frequency and length of each timeout has been shortened and lengthened, respectively.

Many players just want their beloved bots back to Competitive, but we personally admire Valve's attempts at trying something new. For once, it's probably better that the publisher doesn't listen to community feedback.

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