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No more suffering on Brazilian servers

CS:GO Update Adds Official Game Servers in Argentina

Argentina CS:GO Servers
Argentina has its own CS:GO servers now. (Credit: Dphotographer/Getty Images)

South America has opened for business! Valve have taken good care of the local scene by opening an official CS:GO server in Argentina with the latest game update. The remainder of the patch notes fix some bugs in Retakes and improve the map Apollo. Read all about it here.

Somewhat surprisingly, 2021 has been an intense update year for CS:GO so far. A couple of weeks ago the removal of bots from Competitive Matchmaking caused all sorts of discussions. This time, there's no two ways of putting it: the news are great! For South American players at least.

CS:GO Servers Open in Argentina

The Latin continent can celebrate as it has brand new shiny official CS:GO servers to play on. Before this update, the South American CS:GO center was Brazil. Understandable, considering the game's popularity in the country. Brazil is also the only country on the entire continent that speaks a language different than Spanish. That's one side obstacle that just adds to the ping and stability issues that may occur when playing from outside the massive country.

Everything should be much better now for the non-Portuguese speaking section of South America and Argentina in particular. Playing CS:GO will be a lot easier and a lot more pleasant for everyone over there. Well, as pleasant as possible, at least. There's still gonna be the irritation from actually playing.

The remainder of the patch notes deal with Retakes bugs and fixing some stuff on Apollo. One of the bugs is particularly funny: Apparently, a second bomb spawned in some matches. That might have tilted the scales in the Terrorists' favor just a little bit...

You can read the full patch notes on the CS:GO blog.

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