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CS:GO Steam Trading Cards and Badges Explained

CS:GO Steam Badges
Trading cards can get you a cool CS:GO badge. (Credit: Valve)

What are CS:GO Steam trading cards? What are CS:GO badges How can you obtain them? Can you... TRADE the cards?! Well, that last bit is self-explanatory, but for everything else, there's MasterCard. And EarlyGame. Mostly EarlyGame.

Steam trading cards and badges aren't on the level of skins in terms of popularity among CS:GO players, not even close. They are still a part of the visual representation of the game and we figured some people might be interested in what these are and how to get a hold of them. You're here, so you must be one of those people. This is for you!

What Are CS:GO Steam Trading Cards and Badges?

The CS:GO Steam trading cards are like real-life trading cards, but virtual. Steam trading cards are associated with many video game titles, CS:GO being just one of them. There are five CS:GO trading cards total. Their main purpose is actually connected with another cosmetic feature - badges.

Once you gather all five trading cards - Anarchist, Balkan, FBI, IDF and SWAT, you can trade them in to craft a CS:GO badge. Just like there are five trading cards, there are five badges, with levels attached to them. You need a full five-card set for each upgrade. The badges, in ascending order, are:

  • Chicken Chaser
  • Brass Recruit
  • Dusty Veteran
  • Guardian Angel
  • Global Sentinel

There is a special badge - the Elite Crewman, that requires five foil trading cards. Once again, we're looking for a set, not five randoms. While they are more expensive to get, the foil badge is not a part of the leveling process and can be obtained without the need to reach the maximum level on regular badges.

How Do I Get CS:GO Steam Trading Cards?

There are three common ways of doing that:

  • Play the game and purchase in-game items. You will receive three random trading cards upon purchasing CS:GO (note: doesn't work with free-to-play version) and additional ones for further buys - Operation passes for example. It is worth noting that simply playing the game cannot get you the full 5-card set.
  • Trade for the cards. In-game drops you have no interest in? Put them on the trade market and find the trading cards you need.
  • Simply buy them. Trading cards go on the cheap on the Steam Community Market. I mean really cheap. Like, $0,06 cheap. You can have the Level 5 badge for $1.50 without moving a muscle.

If you want to make your Steam profile a little bit cooler, then you can begin that process with accumulating CS:GO trading cards. Them badges do add taste to the screen, ain't gonna lie.

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