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The wait was worth it, fellas

The Caster Curse Worked! CS:GO Operation Broken Fang Is Here!

CS:GO Operation Broken Fang
The metal badges are one of the cooler visual features in Operation Broken Fang. (Image Credit: Valve)

Black magic can be extremely efficient, as it turns out. The Caster Curse was called upon to bring us a new CS:GO update before the end of the year and it worked wonders. We did not get a mere mortal update. We got a whole new operation - Operation Broken Fang!

CS:GO had not been updated since mid-October and fans of the game were growing weary with Valve. It's like the game's frequent updates over the spring and summer were only a result of the threat posed by Valorant and as soon as the hype died down, so did CS:GO updates.

Turns out the developers had something massive in mind.

CS:GO Operation Broken Fang

This doesn't come as a complete shock because an operation was anticipated for the end of 2020, but it's always a treat when one comes along. Operation Broken Fang adds some cool new features for hardcore gamers that purchase the Operation Pass. You wanted to participate in a map veto like a true pro? You can do that now. Wanted to check out your stats in excruciating detail? Also in the pass.

A new game mode will be available during Operation Broken Fang. It's called Retakes and it is basically a fast-paced variation of a regular defuse match. Three Ts vs four CTs, one bomb site. If the bomb goes off, Ts win and vice versa. First to eight rounds wins the match. An Operation Pass isnot needed to play Retakes.

Seven maps make their way into CS:GO with the new update, including the brand-new Competitive map Ancient. Cache has been reworked to make it more minimalistic. The remaining map additions are Engage and Apollo in Scrimmage, Casual and Deathmatch, Guard and Elysion in Wingman, and Frostbite in Danger Zone.

Of course, there are also the mandatory missions, new agents, weapon skins, and stickers. There are three separate skin cases - Operation Broken Fang, Control and Havoc. A thematical sticker pack, a very fun-looking recoil graffiti pack and a truly badass metal-themed badge pack round out the genuinely amazing visuals of the operation.

If you wish to see all of that and more, here's the Operation Broken Fang announcement.

A gameplay innovation that isn't connected to Operation Broken Fang is the introduction of a dynamic ping system that enables players to mark a spotted enemy on the map. This should, in theory, improve communication significantly, especially in the chaotic Matchmaking environment.

That's it, boys. Now we're ready for a CS:GO Christmas! Thanks, Caster Curse!

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