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We could see a working Tuscan before the summer

CS:GO Map Tuscan's Development Enters Closed Beta Stage (Trailer)

CS:GO map Tuscan
Tuscan is entering the playtesting stage of development. (Credit: catfood maps)

CS:GO fans that have kept tabs in recent months know that Tuscan has been in the factory for a repair job. The legendary 1.6 map was revealed to be on a comeback timeline and a couple of days ago we got our first update on the work in progress - a closed beta trailer.

A few months back, the pairing of Brute and catfood maps promised to build Tuscan back up and adapt the famous 1.6 map to CS:GO. Fans of the game had waited for such news basically since CS:GO's launch in 2012 and were naturally excited at the prospect of finally being able to play CS:GO on Tuscan. At the start of 2021 we're that much closer to that moment.

CS:GO Map Tuscan Closed Beta Trailer

Catfood maps' official YouTube channel updated us on the progress with a closed beta trailer video. In it we can see that the map is still a bit far away from looking the part, but it is beginning to take the shape of the good ol' Tuscan we know and love.

In terms of modeling the map, the developers stated that their initial aim is to bring the new Tuscan as close to the old one as possible, with only the most necessary tweaks being made. As for when the map will be ready for use, it's difficult to say. During the closed beta stage Brute and catfood will look for professionals and high-tier amateurs to playtest Tuscan. It is then that the devs can finally start to optimize the map and bring it to a playable state.

Our guess is that if everything goes according to plan, we might have a functioning Tuscan in CS:GO before the summer rolls around. In any case, starting the year with this video is giving us hope that 2021 will be a better year after all.

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