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Talk about a year! Corona hits and the entire esports scene went south. The entire esports scene? Well not entirely... For CS:GO, 2020 was a decent year. Sure, all lan-events had to be canceled, but, unlike other esports titles, CS had a lot of experience with online tournaments. After an early shake-up in the first weeks, things settled down and the old guard of dominant teams returned in convincing fashion. At the end of the year, Astralis & Navi were the clear favorites and still, critics uttered complaints about how online CS just does not test the true skills of teams.

This year, those complaints might come to an end, as Lan-tournaments might return. Also, we got our first operation since like forever! Operation Broken Fang with its fun modes, missions and new matchmaking methods was a huge success and led to a lot of players returning to the game. To inform you on what to expect from 2021 we made this little video. We hope you are just as excited about the Major announcement and whatnot as we are.

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