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Casemiro Says Playing CS:GO Is Harder Than Playing Football

Casemiro likes playing CS:GO
Casemiro makes some comparisons between CS:GO and football. (Credit: FalleN via Twitter)

Casemiro is not only one of the top players for Real Madrid, but also a passionate CS:GO player. Now he has revealed why he is more scared when streaming on Twitch than at any football match.

The 29-year-old Brazilian has been a fixture on the pitch since joining Real Madrid in 2013. Besides football, Casemiro likes to spend his free time perfecting his CS:GO skills. He streams the whole thing for his fans on Twitch.

Casemiro Loves CS:GO, But Gets Nervous About It

That's no surprise, as Valve's shooter is hugely popular in Brazil and Miro has even set up his own Esports organisation - CaseEsports. Casemiro's countryman from Paris Saint-Germain - Neymar, is just another popular player that has a keen interest in CS:GO.

What is surprising is that Casemiro told Spanish football website MARCA in an interview that he gets more nervous streaming CS:GO than he does in front of 80,000 people at Santiago Bernabéu.

Near the Fans

"The people are much closer and if I fail, there are some insults," the pro explained with a laugh. "When I play Counter-Strike, I get much more nervous there than when I play at the Bernabéu. I feel more pressure when people watch me play video games live than when I play football."

This feeling is all too understandable for anyone who has ever been on Twitch or even streamed themselves. For anyone who believes that tempers only flare quickly when it comes to football will quickly be proven wrong by the comments column on Twitch.

Some might say Casemiro is a good footballer. FUT certainly thinks so. (Credit: EA Sports)

Casemiro Plays CS:GO Like He Plays Football

Casemiro also drew interesting comparisons between CS:GO and football, saying that he has the most success when he plays similarly to how he plays on the real pitch.

I am one of those who, when I go into the game, I don't like to lose. I tried to play like a striker or winger but my performances were not good enough. I know my position is a defensive midfielder and I have to help my teammates. What I am in real life, I am in the video game.

Does Casemiro Have What It Takes To Be a CS:GO Pro?

It is interesting that Casemiro is much more reserved online than on the football pitch. He almost didn't dare to start streaming. He affectionately calls his favorite map in CS:GO, Inferno, "my Bernabéu".

Casemiro doesn't think he has what it takes to play CS:GO professionally even though he does well against seasoned professionals like FalleN. His fans would certainly not be thrilled if he were to swap his football jersey for a gaming headset for good.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Laura Pippig.