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Another part of the old mibr has gone into retirement

Brazilian Counter-Strike Legend Nak Retires

Nak retires from CS:GO
Nak feels h can no longer compete at the pro CS:GO level. (Credit:

The name Renato "nak" Nakano might not speak much to young zoomers, but the news of his retirement from Counter-Strike certainly made a few Brazilian boomers cry. The 33-year-old called it a career after 17 years spent in all three major Counter-Strike releases.

Brazilian Counter-Strike saw a local legend retire. Renato Nakano, know by his alias nak, hung up the mouse after a long and, at one point - illustrious career. There is no deep-seeded reason for him stepping down. Father time is undefeated in sports and esports. It just so happens to come a bit too early in the latter. At 33 years old, nak confessed that he cannot keep up with requirements to play CS:GO at a professional level anymore.

Nak Retires from CS:GO at 33

Nak's career is notable for including all three major Counter-Strike games: 1.6, Source and Global Offensive. By far the most successful spell of nak's journey came in 1.6, peaking with a number of international titles with the original Made in Brazil - the inspiration for today's abomination. That 2006-08 period would never be replicated by nak despite his venture into Source and GO in latter years.

The now retired player's last stop was DETONA Gaming, which he joined last summer. Nak's whole stint with the lastest CS game was that of a journeyman as he bounced from team to team - 11 in 5 years, to be exact.

When we consider that nak only started playing CS:GO professionally in late 2015, it's understandable that a lot of younger fans would not have heard of him. That's why we feel obliged to make sure the old dog's achievements in the past do not go unnoticed on his final active day.

We wish nak a happy retirement and that he lives long enough to see the current mibr bring back some respect to the brand.

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