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Happy Birthday, Counter-Strike!

Top 5 Things Valve Should Immediately Improve in CS:GO

CS:GO Urgent Improvements
Please Valve, give CS:GO a little love! (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

Last Monday, Counter-Strike turned 20 years old! While we say "congratulations", we thought it would be great to take a look at a few things Valve could do to immediately improve the limping FPS giant.

On November 9 2000, the world of video games changed and would never be the same again: Counter-Strike had finally hit our computers as an independent game. Having been released as a Half-Life mod a year earlier, CS 1.6 went on to revolutionize the world of first-person shooters for decades to come. And as we say “Happy Birthday”, we use the occasion to suggest five things Valve could do to improve CS:GO!

C'mon, do something... Valve...

Like every birthday child, Counter-Strike deserves some great presents! Even though the 20-year-old Counter-Strike 1.6 was replaced by Source and later CS:GO, the basic principle has hardly changed.

It's the same gameplay, same maps and same weapons, but this is probably also part of CS’s recipe for success. CS:GO could use some love, though – after all, it has been around for eight years!

1. A New Operation

Yeah, yeah... the pre-Christmas period is about to begin, but it doesn’t bring the smell of cookies... but rather the scent of a new CS:GO operation! On Twitter, there have been rumors for days now that a new op is finally in the works.

So far, Valve has been keeping a low profile and has not given any information about a possible update but hopefully, the new operation will be here before long. After all, more than 2 years have passed between Hydra and Shattered Web!

2. 128 Tick Server

It’s almost sad to hope for the introduction of 128 Tick Servers in 2020, especially when it comes to a classic like CS:GO. All matchmaking lunatics still have to make do with 64 ticks, which noticeably affects gameplay.

There are a lot of myths about the actual effects of 128 ticks but all CS daddies swear that it’s just “better to go in”. Third-party providers like FACEIT and ESEA have been working with 128 tick for years, and Valorant even offers corresponding servers. If this increases gameplay fluidity, then surely it’s about time, right, Valve?

3. A Sophisticated Anti-Cheating System

How would you feel if you never had to play against cheaters again? For most CS:GO players, that would be a dream come true right there... The problem is that the fight against cheaters has seemed like a hopeless one for years, and Valve could do a lot more to help.

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Third-party providers have been supplying their own anti-cheating systems for years now, and while not perfect, such systems would significantly improve the gaming experience. Valorant offers an in-house anti-cheat system, could Valve perhaps use that as an incentive and role model?

4. A New Engine

Ever-present in the minds of hardcore CS:GO enthusiasts is the engine question. Rumors have been circulating for years that Valve is already working on the Source 2 engine, but so far, we have nothing but hot air on the issue and might just have to be patient.

A new engine would look very good on the eight-year-old CS:GO, as proven by numerous hobby developers who have already experimented with how CS:GO could look like with brand-new engines. Here’s an example of Dust 2 in Unreal Engine 4...your jaw will drop!

5. Just Do Something About the Map Pool!

All Cobblestone fans will gasp when they’re asked about the Map Pool. The announcement that Cobble will be taken out and reworked was more than one and a half years ago now!

Almost nothing has changed since then, and maps like Vertigo create an ambivalent relationship with the community. Besides the return of Cobble, there would be a lot of revisions to be done, including for maps like Mirage or Overpass. At least Tuscan, which is currently being adapted to CS:GO by the original developer, gives a tad bit of hope.

So Valve, our list of demands is a bit long (and certainly not a product of great boredom). Maybe the development giant will finally turn some of the old demands into reality. We can only hope that the gaming classic will find its way back to the glory days. The 20th birthday would be the perfect occasion, wouldn’t it?

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Original article by Nikolas Krudewig.