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A lot of bullets!

CS:GO Weapons Guide: Submachine Guns - Part 1

CS:GO Weapons Guide SMGs
SMGs are a fine choice for both noobs and pros: spray 'n' pray heaven for the former, economic bliss for the latter. (Image credit: Valve)

After a short break, EarlyGame is back with the extensive CS:GO weapons guide. We're going through every single gun in the game with the aim to help you gain knowledge on when, how, and in some cases, if you need to use a certain CS:GO weapon. Today we cover half of the submachine guns (SMG) in the game, with the second half coming soon after.

CS:GO SMGs Overview

We kind of lied already as we can't cover an exact half of CS:GO SMGs. There are seven of them in the game - five common, available to both teams, and two exclusive - one for the Terrorists and one for the Counter-Terrorists.

In general, SMGs in CS:GO are like your average FPS submachine gun. They inflict less damage in exchange for better movement and easier control and spray pattern. With that said, there are seven of them in the game because each one has something different to offer. That's where these guides come in. Let's go over these run-and-gun goldies!

MAC-10 (Terrorists)

CS:GO Weapons Guide SMG MAC-10
The MAC-10 is cheap, small and compact. Exactly what you want to farm with. (Image credit: Valve)
  • Price: $1050
  • Kill reward: $600

If we assume SMGs are made for running and gunning, then there's no gun more faithful to that concept than the MAC-10. It's small, compact, fast and fires bullets at the speed of light. A match made in heaven.

The MAC is a terrorist exclusive, which can help you understand why its price is so low. Terrorists always get the cheap stuff. Barely more expensive than some pistols, the MAC-10 is perfect for farming because its price is backed by a high kill reward. A double kill already adds $150 in the bank, which can help in the early stages of building an economy. Its capabilities against unarmored and/or pistol wielding opponents is amplified by its outstanding fire rate that can mow down multiple enemies in seconds.

However, damage and armor penetration is not the MAC-10's strong point. And that's putting it very mildly. While a headshot against an unarmored opponent is an insta-kill up close, three are needed at range against full armor. Bullet spread and recoil are also strong with this one. The spread goes mostly horizontally, and fast, so you definitely want to burst at anything beyond arms reach. Tapping is also not recommended because of the gun's bad accuracy.

In conclusion, the MAC-10 is a great anti-eco weapon that can get you some easy money when facing weak opposition. Its inefficiency at range and against armor make it a bad choice when facing full buys. On a personal note, there's nothing more satisfying than rushing B with a flashbang, a MAC-10 and a prayer. Usually, this ends with me questioning my faith, but it's bloody worth it!

MP9 (Counter-Terrorists)

CS:GO Weapons Guide SMG MP9
The MP9 is so nice for rushing, the Terrorists are probably trying to figure a way to get the gun in their own arsenal. (Image credit: Valve)
  • Price: $1250
  • Kill reward: $600

The MP9 is a fair answer to the Terrorists' MAC-10 in nearly every way. As always, it is slightly more expensive, but it compensates with improvements in some areas that the MAC is seriously lacking.

The similarities between the two weapons are the low damage and armor penetration. It has high mobility and fire rate on the upswing. Damage differences are negligible, but the MP9 has longer range, which allows it to keep a two-bullets-to-the-head-to-get-the-kill-against-full-armor status at a few meters more. The MP9 outdoes its T-side counterpart in fire rate too - a real mini-gun.

Where the MP9 truly shines is moving and jumping accuracy. It's a bit weird, but arguably the best run & gun weapon in CS:GO is available only for the CTs, who are not usually required to play in such a manner.

Just like the MAC, this SMG is perfect for anti-eco rounds due to its fire rate and one-shot kill capabilities against unarmored enemies. Unlike the MAC, it can be a decent last resort if you're short on cash.


CS:GO Weapons Guide SMG P90
The P90 is among Silver players' favorite CS:GO weapons. (Image credit: Valve)
  • Price: $2350
  • Kill reward: $300

The P90 is the weird kid in the class. Among weapons mostly used for economic purposes, it costs almost as much as the AK-47 and has half the kill reward of other SMGs. Sadly, its stats do not make up for the extra ~$1000 you need to pay when comparing it to its classmates.

The other negative thing about this weapon, besides the money-related stuff, is its lower movement speed. It is still relatively fast, just not compared to its own kind. The base damage is also very low. So low that you can kill with one headshot only at point-blank range. We're talking unarmored enemies here!

Somewhat compensating for the lack of speed and damage are the huge 50-round magazine and the traditionally high rate of fire. The controllable recoil and decent accuracy at short and medium ranges add to the already developing picture that the P90 is as spray 'n' pray as they come.

No wonder it is wildly popular in low-rank Competitive Matchmaking. It is one of those weapons you won't see in a serious match, however. High price, low damage, and limited range are a marriage proposal that professional, and even self-respecting amateur CS:GO players, simply do not say "yes" to.

EarlyGame has a much better proposal for you: come back 'round these parts again in a week's time to see what other submachine guns CS:GO has in its pocket. There's always our YouTube channel for your entertainment until we pump out the next part of our CS:GO weapons guide.