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CS:GO Weapon Guides: Shotguns


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Weapons are a pretty important feature of a first-person shooter. Wild, we know. When talking about a precise shooter like CS:GO, knowing what types of weapons we have at our disposal, what they do and when it is wise to use them, is even more crucial to our in-game success.

Shotguns, while not a primary choice for most CS:GO players, do play a role in the meta. They can bring serious benefits economy-wise and can even hold their own in certain situations and on certain maps against the so-called best guns in the game.

In this video we list in brief what advantages and disadvantages CS:GO shotguns have and what they can do for you in the setting of a competitive match. If you wish to read a much more in-depth review of the shotgun weapon class, going over each of the four members of said class, then we recommend moving over to this article right here:

If you’re hungry for more CS:GO knowledge, there are multiple other parts of our CS:GO weapons guides that can satisfy your needs. Such as:

Now we leave you with the video. Do you use shotguns competitively? Do they do a good job for you when called upon? They might start doing that more often after you’ve watched our video. Can’t make any promises though.

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