A lot of work went down on Mutiny

CS:GO Updates Fix Mutiny and Swamp

CS:GO Update Mutiny

Valve took out the scalpel on Mutiny. (Image credit: Valve)

Last week, Valve changed the matchmaking map pool by taking out Chlorine and Jungle and bringing in Mutiny and Swamp. As per tradition, the first update after a map swap is to improve the newly added ones. In this case, Valve are releasing not one, but two CS:GO updates focused on making Mutiny and Swamp better.

Mutiny and Swamp Go Under the Knife in a Couple of CS:GO Updates

I would usually not use the word "fix" when it comes down to altering new maps. It's more design and gameplay choices than anything else. Yet, there are so many things Valve changed up, especially on Mutiny, that fix seems the more appropriate word in this case.

Swamp had it much easier with most of the changes related strictly to gameplay. The focus falls mostly on reducing the hiding spots on the map and on sites in particular. Perhaps the most hilarious fix out of them all is one affecting the noises frogs and alligators make. The volume has been lowered to a point where it shouldn't affect the more key elements of in-game sound.

Mutiny, on the other hand, gave Valve some proper work to do. It was no coincidence that I outlined the word "fix" right at the beginning. There are 15 separate patch notes for Mutiny alone that begin with "fixed" across the two updates. That's just a small portion of all the stuff Valve did to that map. For all of the details, check the full list of CS:GO patch notes.

As I already said, applying some changes to a newly promoted map is not out of the ordinary. Yet, I don't recall a map needing so many core fixes at such short notice in the past few years. This is some 2013 CS:GO stuff right here.

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