He just doesn't learn

CS:GO player fer involved in racism, again

Fer mongoloid racism short

Fer keeps getting in the news for all the wrong reasons. (Image credit: fer via Twitter)

Made in Brazil rifler Fernando “fer” Alvarenga has been walking on glass shards these past few weeks. The professional CS:GO player is also an active Twitch streamer, but he won’t be either of these things for the next seven days. His team got eliminated from cs_summit 6 and Twitch has banned him from their platform for a seven-day period. Allegedly, racism is involved, again.

Fer overstepping the line once more

A few weeks ago, Made in Brazil were forced to take measures after a recording of fer making racist remarks during his live twitch stream caused a huge stir in the Brazilian community. The case was quickly brushed aside and nothing more came out of it except a small fine the player had to pay the organization.

Now fer is back in full swing, again facing repercussions because of his big mouth. He went to Twitter to reveal his Twitch channel has been taken down and that he has been banned without warning or explanation from Twitch. Later on, he said the ban is going to last for seven days, but added nothing on the question why he got banned in the first place.

Speculations in the comments bring up fer using the word “mongoloid” during his stream this last Sunday, June 28, and judging by the frequency of this popping up and the alck of any other theories, it appears that fer has gotten himself into trouble again for being a bit out there with his remarks.

Fer is moving his trade to YouTube while the ban lasts, but he should surely do something about that tongue of his. Rubbing people the wrong way is a bad habit in the social media era and next time the repercussions could be much worse.

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