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CS:GO Operations Explained

Operation Shattered Web

Operation Shattered Web (Image credit: Valve)

Before the launch of Operation Shattered Web this November 18, there was a two-year hiatus in which no new proper operation was released. So if you are relatively new to the game, chances are that this is the first operation you are experiencing first-hand. Let’s have a look at operations and what they entail.

So, what are operations and why there was not one last year, for example. Operations are a form of purchasable downloadable content that includes both exclusive official content from Valve and community-created content for the game. Think new weapon skin collections, maps, stickers, and graffiti.

The main reason for the longer than usual pause between operations was the launch of CS:GO’s battle royale mode, Danger Zone in December 2018, which Valve threats as an operation release. Basically, the success of Danger Zone obliged CS:GO’s devs to add missions to the battle royale and messed up with the usual operations system.

The new Operation Shattered Web is different from its predecessors and much more alike battle passes we see in other games. This is only natural, given that Valve made CS:GO free to play at the end of 2018. What follows is a brief overview of some of the main elements that make up an operation with a look at what CS:GO’s latest one has to offer.


Operations usually last for a few months and feature some of the best and most popular community-created maps. CS:GO staples like Overpass and Cobblestone by Valve and Cache all made their way to the active duty pool after being part of operations.

Lunacy map in Operation Shattered Web

Lunacy, the Valve-made map featured in Operation Shattered Web (Image credit: Valve)

Shattered Web features three maps: Flying Scotsman, Lunacy, and Jungle, a community-made Danger Zone map.


An important part of each operation is the Operation Coin. Considered an extraordinary collectable, the standard bronze coin is given to players who purchase an operation pass. It can then be upgraded by completing missions and displayed with pride on your profile.

Operation Shattered Web Diamond Coin

Operation Shattered Web’s all-new Diamond Coin requires you to complete 100 missions (Image credit: Valve)

In Shattered Web, the basic Bronze coin is upgradeable to Silver, Gold, and Diamond. To earn the upgraded coins, you need to complete 33, 66 and 100 missions, respectively.


Speaking of missions, this is what an operation is all about. Every week during an operation, players have to complete a list of tasks and each of these brings rewards in the form of weapon cases, skins or graffiti.

Operation Shattered Web Missions

Operation Shattered Web Missions (Image credit: Valve)

Now, in Operation Shattered Web, each mission rather gives you stars that can then be accumulated to unlock weapon cases, skins or graffiti.

All-New Characters

For the first time in CS:GO, Operation Shattered Web allows players to unlock brand-new playable characters, called Shattered Web Agents. These agents are unlocked like any other reward in the operation, by completing missions and earning stars. The new characters can be equipped on any map.

Operation Shattered Web Pass

Operation Shattered Web Pass (Image credit: Valve)

So, this is how operations work. We are still in Week 2 of Shattered Web, which means you still have plenty of time to earn that Diamond coin. Although you can complete missions without an operation pass, don’t forget to get one, because only then you’ll get rewards.

Stoyan Ovcharov

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