Kelly Jean goes all out on HenryG

CS:GO caster HenryG under accusations from former girlfriend

HenryG with Kelly Jean

Things were once going well in that relationship.

One of the most prominent names in CS:GO broadcasting – Henry “HenryG” Greer, must be feeling uncomfortable at the moment. He has fallen under fire from a former girlfriend, who – in an extended message, reveals some grim stuff about the man.

Twitch personality and cosplayer Kelly Jean went on TwitLonger to shed light on her relationship with the British caster, throwing some serious character stains on Greer. The standout case, however, is mostly physical. Greer had tried to force himself on Jean at a time she “didn’t or wasn’t able to” give consent. While she never explicitly uses the word rape, the allegation is serious nonetheless and her Twitter feed is understandably supportive.

The entire publication goes on extensively over what Jean calls verbal and emotional abuse that she suffered at the hands of Greer. More shockingly, it seems like this is a recurring theme in the caster’s private life if everything Jean says turns out to be true. She goes as far as to suggest HenryG has serious emotional issues himself that he needs to resolve.

The entire text is an uncomfortable read all around, one which the reader is hoping not to be true. HenryG has not responded yet to any of the accusations made – physical, verbal or emotional, nor has any organization or employer publicly chastised him as of the writing of this article.

We will follow the case closely and update you on any development that may come in the coming days here on EarlyGame.

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