Two regions, online play, $200,000

cs_summit 6 is the next RMR tournament

cs_summit 6

cs_summit takes it online for the first time. (Image credit: Beyond the Summit)

The next CS:GO Regional Major Ranking tournament of 2020 will be cs_summit 6. That much was announced by the organizers who also added that the entire event will be played online from June 22 to July 5.

A new opportunity to gather RMR points

Valve and tournament organizers Beyond the Summit revealed the title, time and location for the next CS:GO RMR tournament. The name is already established, with the sixth edition of cs_summit being chosen as the summer RMR event. Usually falling outside of summer on the calendar, cs_summit will take on something new – something it is known to do anyways, and be played out in the tip of the hot season – from June 22 until July 5.

Unfortunately, Beyond the Summit will have to tackle more new ground in terms of location because there ain’t gonna be any. As is the case with all CS:GO events in the last two months, cs_summit 6 will be played entirely online as a precaution. Hopefully, by this time next month the coronavirus situation will be much improved, but neither Beyond the Summit, nor Valve want to take any risks at this point. This is especially sad due to cs_summit’s usual setting in Los Angeles and the event’s overall loose spirit, but that’s the year 2020 for you.

Cs_summit 6 comes with $200,000 in prize money, which will be spread in the two regions of play – Europe and North America. The other Major regions – Asia and Oceania, are omitted from the event and Valve went on to clarify that there isn’t going to be a separate RMR tournament for those. Reasoning? None.

Cs_summit 6 will be the final CS:GO event before the players go on their summer break. Thre’s still a lot of Counter-Strike to go around until that moments come, however, like the ongoing DreamHack Masters Spring. Europe and North America are already deep into the group phase. Unlike cs_summit 6, DHM Spring does include Asia and Oceania, though they start at a later point – June 2 and June 3, respectively.

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