How different could it be for a top-notch hitscan player to switch games?

Corey retires from Overwatch to pursue a career in Valorant

Corey retires from Overwatch

Corey “Corey” Nigra is stepping down from world champion to the unknown future of Valorant. (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment.)

In yet another high-profile transfer, Overwatch star player Corey “Corey” Nigra has announced his retirement for competitive Overwatch in an emotional message. The Washington Justice DPS player and reigning World Champion with Team USA is giving up top-notch status in Blizzard’s hero shooter to brave the new and unexplored lands of competitive Valorant.

Riot’s entry in the hero shooter genre caused quite a stir in the world of competitive gaming and quickly became 2020’s most talked-about action game even before its release. This, of course, drew the attention of players from CS:GO and Overwatch, and some of them made the decision to switch it up.

One of the most notable such transfers involves Overwatch legend Corey - a player with an exceptional aim who specializes in hitscan heroes such as Widowmaker and Ashe. Like many pros, Corey began his competitive career in CS:GO and was quickly noticed by Overwatch team Washington Justice. In 2019 Corey competed in the Overwatch World Cup with Team USA and lifted the trophy with his fellow stars-and-stripes. The star announced his decision in a rather emotional message. In it, he stated:

It has been a wild ride, hasn’t it?
It is surreal to think about all the moments I got to spend doing something that I truly loved and was able to share that with all of the fans. Being able to participate in the OWL is a milestone in my life that will live with me forever. I will never forget all the adoring fans cheering us on through thick and thin, always giving the support I needed to keep my head held high and focus forward. I cannot thank you all enough, and I hope you all support me in my next step in life.

Later in the letter to his fans, Corey explains how Valorant has really hit home with him and speaks to him as a fan of both CS:GO and Overwatch - a sentiment that’s Valorant’s main selling point, so not really a surprise.

Corey claims that it wouldn’t be possible for him to get really good at Valorant without quitting his daily Overwatch training and that, of course, makes perfect sense. With his talent, skill, and significant accomplishments, getting snatched by some of the big esports orgs with big Valorant ambitions is merely a matter of time. It will be curious to see who’ll be the highest bidder.

For better or worse, it is also certain that more and more pro players from other games will follow Corey’s steps and throw themselves in the Valorant arena.

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