Something old, something new

Core Set 2021 preview season begins

Core Set 2021 preview season

Hay hello to Amonkhet-born planeswalker Basri Ket (Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

Core Set 2021 is on the horizon and we are being showered with previews and spoilers. Some new cards put fresh new faces to the planeswalker pantheon, while valuable reprints of older cards make players and investors go crazy. Let’s check out some of the most exciting cards we’ve seen so far.

Something old

Some of the reviews made people lose their minds! Most notable, Grim Tutor. Originally printed in the late 90s, this unique black spell commands an average price of about $200. Core Set 2021 brings it back with fancy new artwork and a collector’s extended art version, and people are already preordering it for upwards of $100.

Additionally, we see a ton of planeswalkers such as Liliana, Ugin, Garruk, and multiple versions of Chandra, which is always exciting for new players.

Veterans of the game will be able to get their hands on some Commander staples as well, including classics Solemn Simulacrum, collector’s Cultivate, and the relatively new, but always in-demand Fabled Passage and Heroic Intervention. Note that we aren’t even talking about Mythics here, and players are already looking forward to the set.

Something new

A new face joins Magic! We are about to meet Basri Ket for the first time. He comes from the plane of Amonkhet, MTG’s Egyptian-inspired world that was sadly destroyed by its evil god-pharaoh, Nicol Bolas. We are curious to see where his adventures will take him and will he be meeting his fellow Amokhetian Samut, who was last seen fighting in the War of the Spark.

All in all, the set looks really strong, and these first few previews are just scratching the surface.

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