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The stupidest weapon in CoD Warzone is broken (again)

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Brought to the community’s attention on Twitter this week by YouTuber TheseKnivesOnly, the bug is the latest issue to hit the much-maligned weapon that lives on the boundary of decency in this fast-moving game.

In some situations, enemy fire passes right through the big sheet of bullet-frustrating stuff, damaging the user and sucking the joy out of one of the game’s most contrarian weapon choices.

Known for going melee only in FPS games, TKO’s clip shows the same situation from two perspectives - one with their riot shield equipped and (in this instance, not) blocking, and the flip side with the killcam feed showing the shield stowed. Clearly, something is wrong.

Infinity Ward co-design director Joe Cecot responded quickly, indicating the issue would be looked into. A vocal majority piped up in the subsequent thread, mainly in support of leaving the shield-breaking bug as is; penance for the “toxicity” of using a shield in the first place.

As a primary weapon that exists outside of the usual “rules” of the game - i.e. it stops bullets, not spray them - it’s not surprising to see the occasional bug. There have been intermittent reports of the shield improperly blocking damage going back months. Some even claim to have pinpointed the act of climbing ladders with the shield equipped as a trigger for this behavior.

Infinity Ward is pretty switched on with quick-fix patches, and with a nerf for the Grau potentially on the cards perhaps we’ll see a fix for the riot shield tag along too. This writer certainly hopes so. For all the hatred it gets - I don’t care - it’s fun, fight me.

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