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Players Discover Gas Canisters in Warzone

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CoD Warzone Gas Canisters

It's only now that players discover gas canisters in Warzone. They have probably already been in the game since Season 5. (Image credit: Activision)

The Season 5 update in Call of Duty: Warzone brought many changes. Besides the obvious ones, like the opening of the stadium, there were also some hidden changes. Only now players have found hidden gas canisters that can be used as bombs.

In Season 5, the stadium was opened, and the train was added, but there were also many minor changes, some of which were not even mentioned in the patch notes. For example, changing weapons in the Gulag and the adjustment of prices at the buying stations are only two of these "secret" changes. One of the latest discoveries is the gas canisters, which can be found everywhere in Verdansk and have been overlooked by most players until now.

Throwable Gas Canisters in Warzone

Only recently have players found the gas canisters, which spawn all over Verdansk. The red or yellow gas canisters can be picked up and thrown, causing a massive explosion.

You can either shoot the canisters and make them explode or pick them up and then throw them like a grenade. The red canisters cause a large explosion, while the yellow ones act as a gas grenade and release a large cloud of poisonous gas when they explode.

Jay Loveless via YouTube

As all operators in the game seem to have superhero strength, so can the canisters be thrown quite far. Should you run out of grenades, a gas canister can be a great replacement. If you know where a canister is, you can also use it as a trap. Just wait until an unsuspecting player is standing nearby one and shoot the canister - to blow them into pieces.

Did you already know about the canisters? Have you used them successfully?

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