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The popular BO4 mode might soon be coming to Warzone

CoD: Warzone Leaks - Alcatraz is Coming to Warzone

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The mini Battle Royale mode Alcatraz was one of the most popular game modes in Black Ops 4, and according to some leaks, it could soon be playable in Call of Duty: Warzone.


We already reported the possibility that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's popular Alcatraz map could come to Warzone back in September. Now, shortly before the launch of Black Ops Cold War Season 1, new leaks have appeared! Many of the leaks that were shared on Twitter by Dataminer have already been removed and are not available for viewership. However, one image is still available:

Warzone Rebirth Island
Rebirth Island will be the Warzone version of Alcatraz (Source: Black Ops Cold War Leaks via Twitter)

The name 'Rebirth Island' is no longer news, however, as it already appeared in a picture on the roadmap of Season 1. In a blackened document, you could read the words "eniya island", which stands for Vozrozhdeniya Island. In English, this means Rebirth Island - tricky, right? So now that the new map is confirmed, we are curious how it will fit into the lorry of Warzone!

Original Article:

Some well-known CoD data miners have found files that suggest that the popular Alcatraz mode from Black Ops 4 might be coming to Warzone soon. Among the found data there is a picture with the names of the known map locations of Alcatraz.

The leaker TheGamingRevolution also confirmed that the data was recently added, so it is not a remnant from Black Ops 4. This reinforces the assumption that the mode and map could soon be introduced into Warzone.

What is the Alcatraz Mode?

The Alcatraz mode in Black Ops 4 is played on the eponymous prison island map, Alcatraz. In a way, it is a mini Battle Royale mode. There are ten four-man squads on the map for a total of 40 players, each of whom has a certain number of respawns before they are completely eliminated from the game. Weapons cannot simply be picked, but, as known from the zombie mode, hang on the walls and have to be bought. All in all the Alcatraz mode is a mix of a smaller Battle Royale and the zombie mode.

It's been rumored for quite some time that a mode called Zombie Royale for Warzone is coming. The leaked description back then was something along the lines:

Be the last team with a living human to win. Players become zombies when they die, but can become human again by consuming the heart of a fallen player.

This may not sound exactly like the well-known Alcatraz mode, but the map would definitely be a perfect fit. Just remember to take it all with a grain of salt since all the info so far is based on leaks and none of it is officially confirmed yet. Would you like to see the return of Alcatraz? We would definitely be glad to have an alternative to Verdansk along with some zombie action in Warzone!

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