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CoD: Warzone: How to Deal With Rooftop Campers

Call of Duty
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Warzone can turn into annoyzone when campers start doing their thing. (Image credit: Activision)

Verdansk, Call of Duty: Warzone’s enormous map is filled with a bunch of tall buildings – gaming paradise for rooftop campers. Many of these buildings have sharpened edges that provide further cover for players on the roof and makes fighting from the ground almost impossible. These are perfect conditions for sniping ducks and as a result, Warzone has developed a serious rooftop camper problem.

The AX-50 and HDR sniper rifles are extremely powerful in Warzone and their one headshot kill potential makes it enticing to just sit on a roof and wait for the enemy to come to you. That might be fun for some, but could prove extremely frustrating for others. Here we’ll try to help out those who neither want to camp or be camped on. I mean, you will be camped on, but we’ll make it a little bit easier on the soul, ok?

Tips for Dealing with Call of Duty: Warzone Rooftop Campers

So what can you do to take out the well-entrenched campers? There are a couple of plausible methods that could do the trick. Assuming you’re not solo, in which case you better go for our alternative suggestion, you can go for the distraction + infiltration strategy. That is, one of your team is causing distraction from a distance, trying not to die in the process, while the rest of the bunch is trying to sneak in onto the camper and take him down from close range.

Co D precision airstrike

The precision air strike is perfect for cleaning roofs. (Image credit: Activision)

If you attempt to climb all the way to the roof, watch out for mines or claymores as they are often used by campers to secure a position. If the distraction works and you don’t get blown to bits by a claymore, you’ll end up with a fair chance to take down the camper from in close. If you feel like selling your soul, you can take the position and become rooftop campers yourselves.

For a different approach, more suitable for solo play, you can go to the purchase stations that are splashed all over the map where you can buy Killstreaks. If you are lucky, you can also find them in boxes. For our method, you need the precision airstrike. It costs $3,500, but it’s well worth the investment if you’re trying to tackle down a rooftop camper.

You request the airstrike by pointing to a location with binoculars and then placing a laser marker, then two jets fire on the target after six seconds. Normally the laser marker is visible to enemies, but you can avoid that by placing it inside a building. You can either sneak into the building and place the marker right in the middle or you can try to place the marker from a distance (through a door or window). That way the campers on the roof won't see the marker, or what hit them.

Of course, this strategy is just as viable in a team setting, but is definitely the way to go if you are on your own.

Grab Hook?

Reddit user Rayledare was apparently so annoyed by the Rooftop Camper that he developed his own gadget concept. He was inspired by Apex Legends’ Pathfinder, who can overcome large distances or differences in height using grappling hooks.

Co D Grappling Hook

Apex Legends' grap hook might solve part of Warzone's rooftop camper problems. (Image credit: Rayledare via Twitter)

His suggestion is to make a grapple hook like this, which should be available for $2,000 at buying stations or as a drop and can be used once. It should allow quick pulling up on the outside wall of a building and allow the use of weapons while climbing, like in Rainbow Six Siege. To give campers a chance to defend themselves, the deployment should be audible with a certain sound.

Call of Duty: Warzone players are already keen to see other Apex features being implemented into the game, so having a hook, as outrageous as it might be for a “reality-based” game like Call of Duty, might just make its way into Warzone. Hell, why not!


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