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CoD Warzone: Bizon Setup Guide – The All-Rounder With A Giant Magazine

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CoD Warzone Bizon Setup Guide

The Bizon is a super allrounder. (Image credit: Activision)

We went through all our guides and realized that we haven't made anything on one of the most fun weapons in CoD Warzone - the Bizon. Here we show you the best setup for the SMG with the huge magazine.

The Bizon is a submachine gun that is famous for its incredibly large magazine, which can be exchanged for an even bigger one. You thought the 60 shot magazine of the MP7 was big? That is nothing compared to the Bizon! The standard magazine on the Bizon holds 64 rounds and can be upgraded to 84. Only LMGs have larger magazines but they are not nearly as mobile as the Bizon.

Why is the Bizon no longer played? It's probably because it's kind of a mix of an SMG and an assault rifle. On short distances, it is outclassed by an MP7, Fennek, or MP5. When it comes to long-range practically every assault rifle is better than it. If you prefer playing in a specific distance you'd rather use one of the other weapons. The strength of the Bizon lies in its all-round potential. It outmatches most MPs at longer ranges and is stronger than the assault rifles in close combat thanks to its high rate of fire. This makes it good for players who don't want to commit themselves or like to play on slightly larger maps.

With the right attachments, the Bizon is incredibly fun and can even be played in Warzone:

Bizon Setup CoD

This setup will give you the edge at medium distances and never let you down. (Image credit: Activision)

If you want to use the Bizon as an all-rounder, the attachments should focus on increasing the effective range and reducing the recoil:

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: 8,7" steel
  • Laser: Tactical Laser
  • Stock: Corvus skeleton stock
  • Foregrip: Rubberized grip tape

The silencer is of course mandatory and increases the effective range, just like the 8.7" steel barrel, which additionally increases bullet speed and reduces recoil. The rubberized foregrip makes recoil control even easier. In order to be fast enough with shorter distances, we reduce the time needed to aim by using the laser and the stock. Since the sight is very clear, no aiming optics are needed and in most cases, 64 shots should be sufficient, so we don't use the larger magazine. Especially in multiplayer, you can easily take out a whole team with one magazine without having to reload. If you prefer a little more penetrating power, you can exchange either stock or laser for the FMJ perk.

This setup is perfect for fights at medium distances and it won't let you down in any other situation. Try it out, we guarantee it's a lot of fun!

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