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Call of Duty Playlist Update Focuses on Action

Call of Duty
Co D Velikan

The Shadow Company is getting some reinforcements. (Image credit: Activision)

CoD Season 5 is in full swing and it seems like every week we get another new playlist for Warzone and Modern Warfare. Furthermore, the Shadow Company gets reinforcements.

This week's Call of Duty update focuses on action-packed battles in smaller game modes. There is also a new operator and bundles. So, start unpacking your MPs.


Modern Warfare

  • In the new Faceoff Playlist, you fight in a familiar 6v6 game mode, such as Position, but on very small Firefight maps. So prepare yourself for some chaos!
  • Mid-Range Mayhem offers a mix of Deathmatch and goal-based modes. What's special about this playlist is you'll only be playing on the latest maps (Oil Rig, Suldal Harbor, Cheshire Park, Hovec Sawmill, and Khandor Hideout).
  • In Cyber Attack Pro, you don't have to revive teammates, they simply spawn again for a faster-paced match.


  • Mini-Royale remains active for those who like more action in their Warzone.
  • BR Solos Stimulus is replaced by regular BR Solos. BR Duos, Trios, Quads, and Blood Money Trios mode will also be active.
  • From the beginning of Season 5, the weapons in the Gulag have changed weekly. This week we will be sent into combat with assault rifles and machine guns.


Operator Velikan, that was already announced in the Season 5 trailer, comes into play. He will support his colleagues Roze and Lerch in the Shadow Company. To get them you have to buy the Velikan Operator Bundle in the shop.

Velikan Operator Bundle

The Velikan Operator Bundle contains a lot of new items. (Source:

The bundle contains the Megalith skin, as well as a finisher and a voice-line for Velikan. You also get two weapon blueprints, the Trencher for the Bruen and the Excavator for the Model 680. You will also receive some cosmetics, like a weapon charm or a vehicle skin.

The second bundle is Eloko, which contains a new Forest Spirit skin for Grinch. Here you also get two weapon blueprints, the Spellbound Crossbow and the Ring Hollow MP7.

So that's all we know about the new playlist and update so far. As soon as the update is live, we will update the article as usual.

For all other Call of Duty news and updates, like the FR 5.56 bug, stay tuned to EarlyGame.

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