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CoD Patch 1.21: The new Call of Duty update is huge

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Like every week, there is a playlist update this time as well. Today's patch 1.21 has a proud size of 30 GB and offers a lot for Warzone and Modern Warfare. How much? Very much.

Usually, the weekly playlist updates bring the eponymous new playlists and smaller bug fixes, as well as new bundles in the shop. This week the patch notes for patch 1.21 are much longer. Here we summarize the most important changes, while the whole patch notes are available at Infinity Ward.

The biggest changes are two new multiplayer maps as well as new weapons in the Gulag and a new item that can be found or bought in Warzone.


Today's update finally brings the long-awaited Map Hardhat. This map made its debut in 2011 in Modern Warfare 3 and was very popular for fast, wild fights, mixed with some longer corridors. It will also get its own 24/7 playlist right at the launch: Hardhat 24/7.

Co D Hardhat

The popular map from Modern Warfare 3 is back! (Image credit: Activision)

The second map is a new addition to the Gunfight mode and is called Aisle 9, which also gets its own 3v3 playlist: Clean Up on Aisle 9, which will contain the modes TDM, Kill Confirmed, Domination and Grind.

Modified special operations will also be introduced. You can now replay operations with selected modifiers and earn new rewards each week. More enemies, enemies only die with headshots... sounds interesting.


For the Battle Royale mode, a new item is added: the armor box. It can be found as loot or bought at buying stations and works like the ammunition box. Once used, it fills up the armor plates of the entire squad.

The Most Wanted contract is also making a return. After it recently replaced the Bounty contract and was removed after strong criticism, it is now coming back. However, it does not replace any of the three existing contracts but complements them. So from now on, you can find four different types of contracts in the warzone.

One of the more critical changes in patch 1.21, in our opinion, is the new weapons that are now available in the Gulag. From now on you can also get six assault rifles and four submachine guns in the Gulag.

  • Kilo 141
  • M4
  • AK-47
  • M13
  • SCAR
  • Ram-7
  • MP5
  • AUG
  • P90
  • Striker 45

Pistols and shotguns are not removed, but we find that the gulag becomes too arbitrary. Until now, guns and shotguns were really about good Aim and quick reactions. With fully automatic weapons, this is no longer necessary. We'll see what the community has to say in the next few days.

Co D Gulag AR

In the Gulag you can now also get assault rifles or submachine guns. (Image credit: Activision)

In addition to the two modes Bloodmoney Quads and Classic Battle Royale, the SKS is also added to the Lootpool as a new legendary weapon. The Classic Battle Royale mode is a slimmed-down version of the normal mode. There are no contracts or buying stations and no gulag.


Of course, there are also a lot of bug fixes. We'll only go into the most important ones here.

  • Operator should now be displayed correctly in the lobby.
  • Exploits that allowed leaving different maps are fixed.
  • Rodion's Season 3 missions now save progress correctly.
  • Renetti has been nerfed: Less reserve ammunition, Burst Mod does less damage and has greater dispersion, Akimbo with Burst Mod does less damage
  • SCAR and FAL aim faster
  • Renetti does not unlock a handle on level 34 that cannot be used.
  • VLK Rogue got buffed: Higher fire rate, Higher damage at a short distance with 12 gauge, Higher range with 6" Revolt barrel
  • Holger 26 buffed: Higher movement speed, Faster targeting, Less recoil, Various improvements of individual attachments
  • RPG kill radius in Warzone has been reduced.
  • The time limit for the Most-Wanted contract is reduced from 5 to 3 minutes.
  • Shield guns removed from buy station (still in the loot pool).

We'll see how the individual buffs and nerfs of Patch 1.21 develop over time, but we're personally quite happy about the Renetti nerf. Faster targeting with the SCAR and also the buffs for the Holger might make these two weapons good options again and thus provide more variety in the meta. The nerf for the RPG in Warzone should also please many players. Call of Duty is definitely developing in a very positive direction and will remain fresh and exciting.

As always you'll find more news about Call of Duty can be found on EarlyGame.

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