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CoD: Modern Warfare & Warzone – Season 6 Roadmap

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Co D Season 6 Battle Pass

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Grenades laid out ready? Weapons loaded? Let's go! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 6, probably the last season before BOCW, has started. Let's have a look at the roadmap.

Since this morning the big Season 6 update is available for download on all platforms and already playable. PS4 and Xbox players have to download about 20 GB, PC players need much more space again. Who has installed Modern Warfare has to download 57 GB, who only has Warzone 25,5 GB. After the download the size of the update is compressed as usual to save space on your hard disk.

But enough about the download size, let's have a look at the roadmap.

Roadmap Season 6

Of course, Infinity Ward has also published the roadmap for Season 6 along with the patch notes, where we can see what is already in the game today and what we can expect to see during the season.

Co D Season 6 Roadmap

The roadmap gives us a good overview. (Image credit: Activision)

What is already there?

  • As already known, we get the two new operators Farah and Nikolai, both known from the campaign and revealed in the Season 6 trailer.
  • Also, the new subway in Warzone is no longer a surprise, as it was also already shown in the trailer. It serves as a fast travel system and lets you travel between seven stations. If you fight on the train or on the tracks, the train will stop.
  • With Armored Royale comes an exciting new mode to Warzone. In this mode, each squad starts with an extra armored truck with a turret. As long as the truck is still intact the squad can spawn, again and again, as soon as the truck is destroyed you should avoid dying, otherwise, the game is over for you.
Co D Armored Royale

The Armored Royale mode gives you a truck with a turret. (Image credit: Activision)

  • There are four new multiplayer maps for the start of Season 6. Mialstor Tank Factory and Broadcast offer common 6v6 and 10v10 game modes. Station is a new 3v3 firefight map and Verdansk Riverside expands the map pool for ground warfare.
  • Killstreak Confirmed is a new game mode for the multiplayer, where you unlock your Killstreaks not by kills but by collecting the tags. The counter is not reset on death and Killstreaks can be unlocked multiple times in a lifetime. This should make for a non-stop helicopter and gunship bombardment, but it also sounds pretty funny.

With the SP-R208 and the AS VAL we get again two new weapons. (Image credit: Activision)

  • So let's get to the weapons. As usual, we get two new weapons that will be unlocked at level 15 and 31 of the Battle Pass. With the AS VAL we get the 13th assault rifle, which impresses with a high fire rate and an integrated silencer. The SP-R208 is a sniper rifle and a remake of the popular R700 from CoD 4. It is said to have unbelievable high precision and is very versatile.
  • With the Vampire Bat we also get a new finishing move - yes, exactly... a vampire bat...

What's next?

  • From October 20 to November 3 the Haunting of Verdansk event will take place in Warzone. However, nothing more is known about it until now.
  • With the Butterfly Knife we get a new melee weapon.
  • In week 2 comes Hard Point Hills & Kills. A game mode where you get points for kills as well as for holding the hills. Respawns are possible, so it could be a lot of action.
  • In week 3 there are two new modes with Gun Game TDM and HQ Firefight. In Gun Game TDM you get a new random weapon after each kill until you have to do the last kill with the knife. After that the weapon cycle starts all over again. In HQ Firefight you get points for holding the objective, but also for kills. As usual, respawns are not possible as long as the HQ is held.
  • In week 4 Gunfight Tournament and TDM Snipers Only will follow. Gunfight Tournament is again the already known firefight tournament. TDM Snipers Only also explains itself - you play Team Deatmatch, but can only use sniper rifles.

These are all known modes, events and weapons, which will follow later this season. But it has already been announced that more content will follow. What do you think about the new features in Season 6? Will you grind the new Battle Pass or are you already waiting for Black Ops Cold War?

All other Call of Duty news and updates, such as the top 10 best multiplayer maps in Call of Duty history, can be found on EarlyGame.

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