CoD: Modern Warfare & Warzone Playlist Update Does Not Fix the AS VAL

Call of Duty -
CoD Playlist Update
Image credit: Activision

As usual, the weekly playlist update for Modern Warfare and Warzone went live this morning. Contrary to the hopes of many players, the AS VAL bug has not been fixed yet.

Today's playlist update brings a bit of variety again and a new playlist for all fans of the little maps. If you miss Shipment and Shoot House already, you are about to get a replacement.


Modern Warfare

  • Face Off lets you compete in action-packed multiplayer modes such as Domination on the Firefight maps Stadium, Livestock, and Station.
  • Hardpoint Hills & Kills gives you points for kills but also for holding the hardpoint. To prevent the games from ending too quickly, the point limit has been increased to 400.
  • Rust, Scrapyard, Vacant, Hardhat 24/7 is exactly that, a playlist that will throw you on the mentioned, quite small maps and guarantee you a lot of action and chaos.


In Warzone everything remains the same, only Blood Money Quads have been added again.

AS VAL and SP-R208 Still Bugged

Since the Season 6 Update the community has had some problems with the two new weapons - the AS VAL and the SP-R208. The SP-R208 is the new DMR, but it has more of the damage and range of a sniper and currently dominates many of the loadouts. In itself, it is a good weapon that can be perfectly adapted to many situations. The problem is that the two types of unlockable ammunition, Norma and Lapua, seem to be a bit broken. If you use one of these types of ammunition, the weapon is virtually hitscan. The bullets have no flight time and hit right at the moment you pull the trigger. This can't be intentional. Right?

Somehow things get even worse with the AS VAL, which gives you a wallhack. If you use the SSP 10-shot magazine, which makes the weapon semi-automatic, you can shoot through several walls and sometimes even through the whole map. Combined with the snapshot grenades, which also mark enemies through walls, nobody is safe anymore, even behind two concrete walls.

Here you can see the problem in the video:

According to Infinity Wards Trello Board the bug should be fixed in the next update, but apparently, the playlist update was not this update yet.

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