The "Reloaded-Update" has a lot up its sleeve

CoD: Modern Warfare & Warzone Patch Notes of the Mid-Season Update

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Co D patch notes

There are some changes to our favorite weapons. (Image credit: Activision)

New playlists, new modes, and some buffs and nerfs for weapons and equipment. What exactly the CoD Mid-Season Update for MW and Warzone brings you can find out here!

The "Reloaded Update" for CoD Season 5 went live yesterday, August 25. We've summarized all the content and explain briefly and concisely what playlists are now available. We'll give you a list of general patch notes and all the information about the update. And don't worry, this time the update is only 10.6-14 GB, depending on the platform.

The Playlists

Modern Warfare:

  • Ground War
  • Ground War Reinforce (32 players)
  • Blueprint Gunfight
  • Shoot the Ship
  • Face Off Verdansk Stadium (2v2)


  • BR Solos
  • BR Duos
  • BR Trios
  • BR Quads
  • Plunder: Quads
  • King Slayer Trios

All playlists are already available. So go for the mouse and keyboard or the controller!

"Ground War Reinforce", "Face Off - Verdansk", "Kingslayer Trios"

In "Ground War Reinforce" you play with two 16-man teams against each other for 3 flags. You must capture all 3 to win the game. The trick is that you can only respawn when your team captures a flag. So watch out when you go for a play!

"Face Off- Verdansk" takes you to the "Verdansk Stadium". Two teams of 2 compete against each other and fight for the victory.

The "Kingslayer Trios" mode for Warzone works similarly to the "Rumble" mode. In this kind of team deathmatch with 50 players you hunt "targets". The 5 players with the most points in a team are marked and if they are killed, you get extra points. You will also get access to killstreaks if you kill these "kings". So that you don't just camp and wait, the death zone moves, but it doesn't close.

Bug Fixes

There is an extensive list of bug fixes, general changes and weapon buff and nerf. Here is a summary:


  • Adjusted weapon stats graphs to better match rate of fire and post-launch weapon balancing
  • Fix for a bug where tracers could lose their impact VFX when the ammunition is changed from the default 5.56 NATO ammunition on the M4
  • Sniper – Thermal Scope: lowered optic resolution and reduced thermal range
  • Adding ‘HEI’ (High Explosive Incendiary) label to cosmetic dismembering ammo types


  • Fix for an issue where the gas mask could become invulnerable
  • Fixed a bug where the yellow highlighting of your name in the Squad widget was missing from BR Buy Back
  • Fix for a bug where the parachute could open randomly when jumping over certain areas of the map
  • In BR Quads, the player's minimap icon had both the downed icon and arrow when the player started the Most Wanted contract. This has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug where the loot dropped from a squadmate who died in the gulag would be available for other squad members to pick up if they enter the same gulag
  • Fixed a bug where players will observe no ping audio from a spectator creating world pings
  • Various fixes for issues with Self Revive

General fixes:

  • Ground War: You can now spawn on APCs even while they're in combat, just as long as the vehicle isn’t low on health
  • You can now inspect your weapon during infil sequences!
  • Fix for a bug where players could see Tracker footprints on the ground after respawning, even when they don’t have the perk equipped
  • Fix for an issue where the Riot Shield could appear sideways in the preview screen
  • Also, fixed a bug where the Riot Shield could appear crooked in the squad walk
  • Fixed a bug where using Flaming Throwing Knives would not reset Dead Silence

If you want to read the complete patch notes, just click here.

For more CoD news and everything gaming and esports, visit us at EarlyGame - and don't forget to check out our weapons guides:

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