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CoD: Modern Warfare & Warzone Patch 1.28 Available for Preload

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CoD Patch 1.28

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Since today the preload for Patch 1.28 is available for PS4 players, and it goes live tomorrow morning. We don't know much yet, but PC gamers could have more space on their SSDs soon.

Season 6 is not that old yet and the next major update is already coming soon. For many PS4 players the patch 1.28 is now available for preload. Overall, the patch seems to have a size of about 10GB, although it will probably be larger for PC - at least that was always the case in the past. Unfortunately, you will have to be patient with the installation of the patch until tomorrow morning. Patch 1.28 will most likely go live tomorrow on 14 October at 8:00 a.m.

What's in Patch 1.28?

Well, good question...

Believe it or not: At this time there is no information about patch 1.28. Based on the roadmap for Season 6, we expect a lot of Halloween content for Warzone and Modern Warfare. According to the roadmap, the Haunting of Verdansk event is not scheduled to start until October 20, but there is also talk of new time-limited game modes, rewards and more. Furthermore, patch 1.28 will probably include the weekly playlist update.

But one of the confirmed innovations will probably bring tears to the eyes of every PS4 player. It will finally be possible to uninstall single modes. On consoles it has been possible for some time to uninstall single data packs to save space, such as the campaign or SpecOps mode. PC players on the other hand did not have this possibility. This is especially annoying since Modern Warfare does not fit on a 250GB SSD anymore.

As Modern Warfare Production Director Paul Haile announced on Twitter, Patch 1.28 will now offer PC gamers the option to uninstall unneeded modes to make some space on the crowded SSD.

We can't tell you how happy this makes us, because honestly, who is still playing the campaign anyway? And the SpecOps mode isn't absolutely necessary as well. We are curious how much storage space we can save and maybe the 500GB SSD will even be enough for Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War.

Have you been able to get into the Black Ops Cold War Beta? We have summarized our impressions from the first beta weekend for you here:

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Original article written by EarlyGame's Lukas Ballat.

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